For the superyacht owners who are looking for a new addition to their ship’s arsenal to toys, U-Boat Worx is revamping one of its submersibles. A couple of years back, we featured their cutting-edge offering for the underwater adventurer. Now, the company is in the final phases of production for the revamped NEMO.

According to the manufacturer, the first 10 units are already spoken for. As such, the production line prepares for the surge in demand for models like the NEMO. As the rich eagerly wait for their luxury vessel commissions to complete, most are in the market for other expensive marine machines.

Jet skis and yacht tenders are no longer as lucrative to those who want a unique experience. A personal sub, on one hand, makes a bigger impact when you want to show off. Just like its predecessor, the latest entry will be available in single-seat or dual-seat confgurations.

The NEMO 1 tips the scales at 4,400 lbs, while the NEMO 2 clocks in at 5,510 lbs. Each measures 100” x 87” x 56” (LxWxH) and 110” x 92” x 61” (LxWxH) respectively. The submersibles are as compact and lightweight as they come. U-Boat Worx notes that it will fit on yachts at least 100 feet in length.

Moreover, vehicles with higher towing capacities can haul it on land. The fully acrylic pressurized hull ensures unobstructed views no matter where you look. It can operate autonomously for up to 8 hours at a time and can dive as deep as 330 feet.

Four silent electric thrusters let you cruise up to 3 knots underwater. The MANTA controller allows for precision maneuvering. To get you acquainted with your NEMO submersible U-Boat Worx offers a 12-day training course at their facility.

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Images courtesy of U-Boat Worx