While everyone else is splurging on yachts of all sizes, others might be considering something dramatically different. If the sea calls for adventures and you want to explore more than just the surface, U-Boat Worx offers a unique platform for deep-pocketed clients. To the tune of about $24.5 million, the Nautilus can be yours.

Christened with a name lifted from the pages of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, the Dutch submersible manufacturer calls it a “luxury yacht submarine.” This model is unlike any other they have built before as it functions exactly as U-Boat Worx describes.

In fact, the top of this 123-foot vessel resembles a modern ship when above water.  The sundeck features a freshwater pool, an aft swim platform, and a sizeable lounge. Before the Nautilus descends, everything retracts as the roof mechanically moves to cover this section.

Within its pressure hull is another lounge and dining area lined with four 13.12-foot round windows. You and your guests can view the surrounding marine landscape teeming with life. Accommodation includes a master stateroom, four guest rooms, and sleeping quarters for a crew of seven.

The Nautilus also comes with an observation lounge at the mezzanine, a foredeck lounge, and a saloon. Its 1,250 GT interiors are designed and furnished by Officina Amare. U-Boat Worx endows the luxury yacht submarine with a diesel-electric propulsion system which also handles the hotel load.

It can cruise up to speeds of 9 knots while on the surface and 4 knots underwater. The maximum diving depth is 656 feet with a max range of 3,200 nautical miles. Each Nautilus includes an electric tender dubbed the Arronax. After payment, it will take U-Boat Worx approximately 30 months to complete the sub.

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Images courtesy of U-Boat Worx