Weren’t we all supposed to be flying around on hoverboards by now? Well, in the meantime you could enjoy Auto Fabrica’s new type 7 model. Founded by brothers in 2013, Auto Fabrica specialize in crafting bespoke motorbikes. It all started with them wanting to build a bespoke bike that would not be seen elsewhere on the roads and a bike that neither of them could afford at the time.

Their workshop is based in Southend-On-Sea and is the hub of everything from creative designs to manufacturing prototypes. They pride themselves on their unique product by obsessing over the smallest details. Auto Fabric’s custom-made approach has propelled them as front runners in the motorcycling world. They centre their skills by enhancing Yamaha SRs; their latest customization of the Yamaha SR500 Type 7 is just awe-inspiring work.

They took the clothes off of a model… a SR500 1980 model to be exact, and completed a full rebuild, including new motors, a bespoke tank and exhausts, and high-performing pistons. They have transformed the original into a bespoke sensation available in metallic black (Type 7D) or in a gloss white (Type 7E). Which one would you go for?

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