In our years of featuring the coolest stuff, we’ve learned to be on the lookout for the most unexpected items. PC Gamers – especially the professionals – are always on the lookout for new gear. Some prefer to own a matching set of peripherals from their favorite manufacturer. Meanwhile, others grab whatever catches their eye. Meanwhile, the Two Yamahas One Passion project reveals a pleasant surprise.

Not only does the Japanese brand deal in motor vehicles, but it also produces top-notch music instruments. The Two Yamahas One Passion unveils two mice – each with distinctive designs based on the duality of the company’s businesses.

Much like the performance clients come to expect from their products, these Two Yamahas One Passion accessories embody their respective crafts. To start off, let’s check out the blackout mouse that channels the motoring aspect of Yamaha. Much like the weight-saving structure on its two-wheelers, it boats a skeletal body.

The ergonomics appear on point, while the open sections provide excellent ventilation for comfort during long-term use. Furthermore, its symmetrical form factor should make it easy even for left-handed users. To scroll up or down, you need to press and hold a combination of buttons.

Next up is the other half of the Two Yamahas One Passion proposal. This mouse draws inspiration from brass instruments. The golden luster of its frame gets contrast from the brown buttons, scroll wheel, and grips. The three tuning fork emblems are visible in different sections depending on the model. Nevertheless, we hope these eventually make it into production because fans will snap these up in a heartbeat.

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Images courtesy of Yamaha