A great reason to choose a pickup truck over an SUV is the utility aspect. It doesn’t matter if what you have is a single or double cab model since you still have the bed to work with. In addition to cargo, you can also turn it into a recreational vehicle with some small modifications. What we have in mind is something like the FALCON series camper from LOKI Basecamp.

This add-on endows your vehicle with capabilities perfect for overlanding. Depending on the size of your truck’s bed, LOKI Basecamp offers the FALCON series in three trims. The FALCON 5 is for 5-ft beds. Next, the FALCON 6 is compatible with 6.5-ft beds. Finally, the FALCON 8 is for 8-ft beds. Each weighs approximately 1,200 lbs, 2,200 lbs, and 3,000 lbs respectively.

Fabrication of the camper begins with an aluminum shell for exceptional resistance against corrosion. Also, it is lightweight yet durable. For reliable temperature control within its confines, LOKI Basecamp uses double density synthetic composite insulation. It also does a fantastic job at noise reduction.

Clients can choose between Lexan polycarbonate or extreme conditions-rated glass windows. The cozy mobile cabin becomes your home away from home. The multi-purpose design of the spaces allows you to do more and just relax right after.

There’s a dinette, an ergonomic counter, a stainless-steel sink, and an induction cooktop. No need to rough it out when it comes to meals, but you can always step out and cook over a campfire for that rustic experience. To wrap up your day head over to the sleeping area and sleep on a queen-size bed. Go on and reach out to LOKI Basecamp for your FALCON series camper.

Pricing starts at $135,000

Images courtesy of LOKI Basecamp