Whitewater rafting is an awesome recreational outdoor activity wherein you and your buddies tackle some of the meanest rivers out there. There are certainly risks involved, which is why many do not wish to indulge in this type of extreme sport. On the other hand, if your body craves this kind of adrenaline-pumping fun, SOUL Waterman will gladly hook you up with the Super Skip RR.

With a huge lineup of plastic kayaks to suit every need, those who are new to the scene might find the options overwhelming. Nevertheless, the product descriptions are there to help narrow down the ideal SKU for your planned adventures. As for the Super Skip RR, it’s geared toward experienced and professional kayakers for a reason.

Think of it as an upgraded version of the Super Skipper, but with an added bonus for those who love the rush when their lives are on the line. The manufacturer notes that they have “made a sporty, zippy version. It is essentially the same boat, but with a twist: You can pivot the tail!” As we pointed out before, the Super Skip RR is engineered to allow more freedom of movement in the hands of an expert.

It measures 8’11” x 26.75″ (L x W) with a volume of 84 gallons. The height up front is 13.5″ and is listed as 8″ at the rear. The specifications indicate a maximum paddler weight of 250 lbs. for river running, while 210 lbs. is the recommended paddler weight when creeking. The Super Skip RR is available in three vibrant colors: Tequila Sunrise, Bubble Fat, and Massive Attack.

“Some people feel more comfortable in a boat that allows them to whip the boat around on a stern pivot, and if that sometimes makes the boat slightly more susceptible to backendering, it’s a worthwhile tradeoff for the added control and precision,” writes SOUL Waterman about the Super Skip RR.

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Images courtesy of SOUL Waterman