With so many city dwellers facing problems with commuting, it’s no wonder why mobility platforms are such a hit. As more people acknowledge the environmental impact brought about by emissions from combustion engines, the demand for sustainable solutions likewise grows. TurboAnt gives us the X7 Pro – a versatile two-wheeler that takes you where you need to go in style.

This is the manufacturer’s flagship model that ships with all the premium features you may want from an eco-friendly stand-up scooter.  If you’ve ridden a Razor before, then switching over to a motorized alternative like the X7 Pro should come naturally. Just don’t forget to wear appropriate safety gear before you take to the streets on this bad boy.

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Power Combined With Versatility

It may seem like a recreational toy, but the 350 W electric motor on this thing will surprise you. The e-scooter uses a 10 Ah detachable lithium-ion battery that you mount on the stem. It takes roughly 6 hours to fully charge, and you should be good to go. We recommend that you grab an extra so you can easily swap out the depleted pack for a fresh one. Keep one handy in your backpack just in case.

The potent combo of its all-electric powertrain allows the X7 Pro to reach speeds of up to 20 mph. As long as it’s allowed by your local regulations, you can weave through traffic and get to your destination quicker. The e-scooter can even tackle a 15-degree incline like a champ. A full charge should take you up to 30 miles.

TurboAnt programs the system with three riding modes. Eco – as the name suggests – electronically limits speed to get the best battery life and range out of your e-scooter. Next up is Comfort, which is the middle ground with a balanced output. Finally, Sport unleashes the full potential of the front-hub motor. Meanwhile, activate cruise control to let your hand take a break from the throttle.

Design, Build Quality, And Safety


The X7 Pro touts a lightweight frame crafted out of aluminum alloy then finished in a sleek matte black coat. The anti-slip deck has enough space for a secure and comfortable ride. It’s a nice touch that TurboAnt also added contrast with some of its parts in red. This lends a hint of aggressiveness to the overall look of the e-scooter.  

We also love the compact form factor when it folds down for easy storage and portability. To ensure a smooth drive, the wheels are shod in 10-inch pneumatic tires (with inner tubes). These should efficiently absorb random bumps on the road in place of a mechanical suspension system.

For dependable stopping power, TurboAnt arms it with a triple braking system. A squeeze of the lever engages the rear disc and electronic brakes. Moreover, an auxiliary foot brake is available when you need it. As for additional safety, the X7 Pro is equipped with a 3W white LED headlight, red LED taillight, and a bell to alert others of your presence.

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Our Takeaway

As you can all tell by now, there’s hardly anything about the X7 Pro that would push us against its purchase. It’s an eco-friendly way to get around in urban areas. TurboAnt made sure their e-scooter delivers impressive performance and reliable safety. Of course, you also have to do your part and gear up with protective equipment.

Perhaps the only thing others might consider a caveat here is the lack of color options. Still, as we noted before, it hardly takes away from the fun of this e-scooter. Aside from the X7 Pro, you can also check out TurboAnt’s catalog for more awesome zero-emission machines. 

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Images courtesy of TurboAnt