While on a hike, have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend a night in a cozy cabin up in the mountains? Well, if your group is out in the wilderness in Luster, Norway, the Tungestølen offers a respite for the weary traveler. From here, you can enjoy panoramic views of the mountains, good food, and more.

The original structure of the Tungestølen Tourist Cabin was a favorite destination of glacier hikers for years. However, it was one of the many establishments affected by cyclone Dagmar on Christmas Day 2011. Instead of just accepting the cards dealt by nature, the people manned up and planned to rebuild.

With the help of the Norwegian National Trekking Association’s local branch Luster Turlag and the village of Veitastrond, funds were collected for the initiative. International architectural group Snøhetta’s proposal was the winning entry in 2015.

The blueprint shows nine geometric volumes with outlines that can withstand strong winds. Wooden glulam frames with cross-laminated timber sheets feature ore pine cladding. The best attraction at the Tungestølen is the main cabin. It also functions as a social space for meetings and meals.

Wooden tables and towering 15-foot ceilings will leave an impression on anyone who drops by. This social space is perfect for groups to plan out the next leg of their journey. Huge windows let you take in the panoramic scenery of what’s outside the Tungestølen.

Meanwhile, a stone fireplace generates enough warmth to gather folks around it. As for the rest of the buildings at the Tungestølen, these can house up to 30 hikers for a comfortable overnight stay or longer. Finally, Snøhetta’s work is definitely a must-see for those in the area.

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Images courtesy of Tungestølen Tourist Cabin