When compact disc players first came out, all models feature a horizontal loading tray system. At the time, the laser modules reading data off these were very prone to misalignment which leads to skips. Eventually, technological improvements allowed manufacturers to build versions with a vertical orientation. Oscar Olsson is doing the same with a turntable and calling it the TT-90 System.

Its always great to see engineers break the norm and pull off a modern redesign of something traditional. For the longest time, even the latest vinyl record players all follow the horizontal setup. The tonearm and stylus are at the mercy of gravity which is why the body needs to be as level as possible.

With the TT-90 System, Olsson goes for an open-work presentation. Just like skeleton watches, we can view almost everything that makes it work. Furthermore, instead of a freestanding configuration, you mount this turntable to a wall. This makes it ideal for rooms with a minimalist theme.

Not only does it look stylish flat against any vertical surface, but it also saves space. What holds all components together is a rigid steel frame with rubber pucks to absorb vibration. Aluminum would have been a lighter choice for the TT-90 System, but that’s already nitpicking too much.

Users mount their vinyl on the spindle and hold it in place with a screw-down lock. The belt-drive mechanism remains visible under a transparent housing. The tonearm is carbon fiber and electronically controlled for smooth actuation.

The control panel is on the lower right and supports mobile device connectivity. Users should be able to tweak the settings wirelessly. Oscar Olsson might be on to something big with the TT-90 System. We can’t wait to see an actual prototype in action.

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Images courtesy of Oscar Olsson