We guys just have this undying fascination with robots. Perhaps it’s the appeal of technology and machinery combined into something that resembles the human form. It’s also the pop culture influences like cartoons and anime that made them mainstream. Hence, if you have $3 million to burn a drivable model called the ARCHAX is available to order right now!

If we have all that money to blow on something extravagant, you better believe it won’t be on any of the typical stuff rich people acquire. Why live up to stereotypes when you can pilot a real-life mecha instead? To set expectations properly, what we have here is not a bipedal walking robot.

Instead, it maneuvers like everything else on four wheels. Although the technology already exists, it still needs more refinements before we can scale it up to something of this size. The ARCHAX measures approximately 14.76 feet tall and is the work of Tsubame Industries.

The team made sure to incorporate design elements familiar to fans of popular Japanese robots like Gundam. Moreover, it can also transform in a sense, but in a limited fashion. It even has articulating arms and hands that are yours to control. Speaking of which, you access the cockpit located in the chest section of the ARCHAX.

There are a series of cameras with sensors which feed telemetry and live video to four screens in front of the operator. Movement and other motorized functions are assigned to joysticks and pedals. So far, this seems like the most immersive experience you can get outside of a video game. It takes roughly a year or more to complete and deliver.

Buyers can get the ARCHAX in six colorways: Midnight Purple. Atlantis Green, Pearl White, Spark Red, and Sapphire Blue. Due to the labor-intensive process of building this bad boy, only five slots are allocated for now. Perhaps their next model will finally integrate bipedal capabilities like the robots we see in various media.

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Images courtesy of Tsubame Industries