This pandemic certainly has people filling up their time with a new hobby or staying fit and healthy while indoors. While there is a great selection of home gym equipment in the market, there are those who’d rather stick to the basics or simple ones. Those who cannot afford the whole gym setup can turn to resistance bands for a great workout too. Pair them with the TRX Bandit and you’re off to a smooth routine without your sweaty palms disrupting your groove.

What it does is basically slip around the resistance bands as a protective sheath. They are removable handles that snap in place to prevent bands from getting slippery because of moist grips. They provide a comfortable, secure grip, thus giving you increased control over strength bands and aim for effective workouts. This way you can focus on form during your exercises and not get distracted by the uncomfortable grip.

The TRX Bandit is compact and slips easily into any gym bag so you can bring them to trips to the gym or anywhere else. It is also comfortable in the hands with its ergonomic design and ThermoPlastic Rubber construction. They are universally designed so they can fit into any resistance band. Even when attached, you can simply slide them over during handle-free routines.

This portable, lightweight fitness solution comes in two handles: two blue TRX Strenght Bands (5 – 15 lbs.) and two green TRX Strength Bands (15 – 30 lbs.). In a nutshell, the TRX Bandit turns any resistance bands into a full-body workout and stretching machine.

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Images courtesy of TRX