It is a fine American tradition to let political candidates and politicians know exactly what we think of them. American Art Classics out of Clearwater, Florida is dedicated to that cause by producing quality collectible paper money and other paper products with pointed humor in mind. Their latest release is the Trump Toilet Paper ($9,95).

One of those “other” paper products is a roll of quality 2-ply toilet paper with the puckered face of the new United States president printed on every 400 sheets of each roll. With the rude, crude, and down-right filthy utterances of the Donald on the campaign trail, it is only fitting that he now gets to help remove some filth in a symbolic way.

For any left-wing liberal or Constitution-loving patriot, this roll of toilet paper can help work out the frustrations of watching the president dump on the American Way. For a gag gift or to show your true feelings about the abuses of power, this personal hygiene product will take a treasured place in your bathroom as you intimately let the Donald kiss you where he should.

The soy ink used to print the puckered face of the prez is guaranteed not to rub off on your delicate parts so you can use it near your genitals without fear of being groped.