You never know when you might need to pluck pesky splinters or pick up small objects so it’s always handy to have tweezers with you all the time. But with True Utility’s Tweezer Tool, you get more than just durable, full-size key ring tweezers but also other handy utility tools. 

This pocketable EDC comes with blades and tools. It’s the essential micro tool kit that you can take anywhere as it’s equipped with a non-locking fold-out blade constructed from rust-proof 420 stainless steel in black oxide coating. The blade is just the right size for small tasks like cutting or opening boxes.

True Utility’s Tweezer Tool also comes with a separate folding tool key that houses a bottle opener, a small flat slotted screwdriver, a coarse file, and a flight-safe cutter in case the blade is not feasible for the task at hand. All these tools are also made from 420 stainless steel, which boasts high-strength and corrosion-resistant properties. It is ideally used in knives and medical instruments such as scalpels and forceps.

The frame is also made with 420 stainless steel in titanium coating. For portability, this gear has a “twist-lock” mini carabiner clip with a screw lock. It is also lightweight at just 40 grams. It is also designed with a quick-release key chain clip so you can always have it on hand and on the ready for use. 

True Utility’s Tweezer Tool is an ideal carry for day-to-day activities and may be useful for camping too. It makes a great gift for just about anyone who wants a handy pocket tool with them, including outdoor enthusiasts. All these tools including a key ring clip are packed into a slim profile of measuring just 2.2″ L x 3.1″ W x 2.4″ D.  

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Images courtesy of True Utility