For a handy multi-use tool (zombie-crusher) to keep in your vehicle or as part of your camping kit, the Trucker’s Friend ($72) by US manufacturer Innovation Factory is a sure winner. The head of this rust resistant cast alloy tool is a rounded axe blade on one side & a rectangular hammer head on the other. Also forged into the metal head is a tire chain hook, nail puller, pry bar, and scraper.

The fiberglass handle has a molded rubberized grip for firm gripping in all weather conditions. The Trucker’s Friend does have an optional leather cover that can be ordered with the tool. While the matte-black finish does mar with use, the axe blade is easily resharpened. Be careful though when hammering nails as that would mean the blade is coming back at you! Otherwise, this handy rig will give long service on the road or in the field. Details in the video