Not to be outdone by U-Boat Worx’s latest fleet of submersible models, Triton Submarines answers with what might be its most stunning platform yet. This is the Project Hercules – a state-of-the-art luxury flagship developed in collaboration with Espen Øino International (EOI). The company claims it is the “first-of-its-kind” and we can see why based on the design.

Triton and EOI are not the only ones in this thrilling endeavor as Dark Ocean DeepSea also contributes its expertise on underwater vehicles. As per the press materials, the highlight here is the patent-pending AVA hull technology and its application. In fact, this supposedly makes the Project Hercules its “first-ever high-speed submersible.”

Expect diving depths of up to 646 feet with a maximum cruising speed of eight knots. It weighs 26,456 pounds and boasts a maximum payload is 1,323 lbs. Dimensions list the length as 24.77 feet with a width of nine feet and a height of 7.7 feet. Overall, the custom pressure hull touts a total volume of 6,300 liters.

The Project Hercules draws power from a 60 kWh main battery for its electrical and life support systems. Propulsion comes from four 12.5 kW main thrusters with another four 6 kW thrusters for maneuvering. To aid with visibility underwater, multiple LEDs at 20,000 lumens each.

The operator controls the submarine via a combination of a joystick and touchscreen with a manual override. Triton can also configure the Project Hercules’ interior according to the needs of its clients. Among the options available are “two designer chaise lounges, an oversized daybed, a large floor space for soft furnishings and poufs, or private dining with day head and mini bar, and two bulkheads for maximum passenger privacy.”

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Images courtesy of Triton Submarines