We’ve noticed a trend over the past few years, wherein folks who can afford a superyacht in the first place, purchase even more toys. The usual stuff like personal watercraft and yacht tenders can fit into these vessels’ massive garages. Another that’s growing in popularity is submersibles, which is why TRITON is changing the game with the 660 AVA series.

These underwater machines rely on high-tech life support systems to keep occupants safe during a dive. Moreover, acrylic windows and hulls provide exceptional visibility. Unlike glass, the properties of this high-strength plastic make it the ideal material for the job. TRITON flaunts the use of its proprietary Advanced Versatile Acrylics (AVA) on this new model.

According to the manufacturer, this revolutionary technology allows them to freely shape their pressure hulls. As you can see on the 660 AVA series, it’s not a spherical bubble. This mean TRITON can practically go crazy with submersible designs moving forward. The bigger space means you can bring more people on board for fun beneath the waves.

Aside from private use, other possible applications include tourism and commercial surveys. The wraparound view from the elliptical pressure hull provides operators with better situational awareness. Also, the pilot is seated at the rear on an elevated platform. Meanwhile, seating configurations are customizable.

With the help of the latest intuitive Hammerhead Controller system, the 660 AVA series is easy to operate even for newbies. It features four main thrusters and four maneuvering thrusters, all rated at 5.5 kW with a top speed of 3 knots. Powering its electronics is a 57 kWh battery, which TRITON says should be enough for 12 hours. The maximum dive depth is 660 feet as hinted by the name.

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Images courtesy of TRITON