Camping continues to be the activity of choice for people who want to get away from the city. We also love to step out of the urban jungle every now and then. As such, packing the right gear is essential to enjoy our time in the great outdoors. Our latest find is the Trayvax Ration to help you cook your meals while on the trail.

As its name is suggesting, the Ration is an all-in-one gear for nomads to store food, emergency items, and heat or cook food on the go. The adjustable carry handle makes it easy to transport to wherever you need it. The two-piece metal body gives it dependable durability against accidental drops and other forms of impact.

Peek inside the interior of the tray section to find a top-grain leather organizer. You can use it to hold your favorite EDC or tools. The bottom of the Ration also features anti-slip rubber feet to keep it steady even on most surfaces.

We like how Trayvax went with a dual-tone colorway for the body. The red powder coat and satin-brushed metal part make it highly visible at night. In addition to holding your tools and ingredients/snacks, the Ration also doubles as a camp stove. It has a cooking grate to support your small to medium-size pots and pans.

The retail box includes a 20-ounce stainless-steel cup which fits perfectly there. It then sources fuel from the 3.5-ounce canister, which Trayvax says is good for 18 to 22 uses. For your next outdoor excursion, give the Ration a whirl and enjoy.

Buy – $169.99

Images courtesy of Trayvax