Have you ever heard the quote “beauty lies in simplicity?” This approach is what minimalist design is all about. Transparent executes the concept flawlessly with the use of premium materials such as metal and glass. Its Small Transparent Speaker boasts excellent craftsmanship that stands out in a market flooded by smart speakers. Other brands should really step it up.

These days, almost every Bluetooth speaker comes in a wooden or polymer housing. Occasionally, there are high-end options showcasing more upscale builds. On the other hand, Transparent lives up to the name by its use of tempered glass panels to form the structure around the full-range drivers. These are held in place by a lightweight aluminum frame.

The Small Transparent Speaker gives off a classy retro appeal which is further accentuated by the toggle switch and dial knob controls. For those who can recall, we previously featured an earlier version of this which was only available in white at the time. Just like the original full-size version, we can now own it in elegant black.

This more compact model measures 10.55” × 7.99” × 3.74” and tips the scales at 7.28 lbs. Owners can stream their tunes via Bluetooth or connect their devices via the line-in port. You can even pair two units of the Small Transparent Speaker for that true wireless stereo output.

Furthermore, a hollow section of the base holds a USB-A port, a line-in jack, and DC port for the power brick. On top of its remarkable aesthetics, Transparent also markets the speaker for its modular capabilities. Owners can connect a third-party Wi-Fi adapter or voice control module. Once the full-range drivers are replaceable as well. This makes the Small Transparent Speaker a sustainable choice for any home.

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Images courtesy of Transparent