If you want to know your water consumption in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, then Nudge Systems has you covered. Its ingenious product, the Pleco, provides real-time updates, graphic analysis, and even detects leaks.

This device is the next step in home automation and water conservation. It uses sensors to provide accurate information on your water usage. Proprietary algorithms detect different water categories so you’ll know which water to save be it from the flush, faucet, irrigation, shower, and more.

The Pleco tracks and compares your daily, weekly, and even monthly trends with a colorful graphic presentation. It tells you how many gallons of water you have consumed. It even detects leaks as soon as it starts so you can patch the damage right away to save water and avoid expensive repairs with an overdue fix.

Likewise, this smart system works with a companion app where you can set goals, get updates on usage, and more. This way you are on track in your goal to save water and on costly water bills.

The Pleco uses a sensor that fastens with an elastic belt around a functioning water meter. It then sends real-time information to the touch-screen display via a radio link. A battery shell that houses four D-cell batteries powers the radio transmission and the sensor. The batteries can last for 12 months. The shell also acts as the base for the sensor antenna which is mounted on an extendable mast. This device comes with a container that functions as a calibrating system upon setup.

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Images courtesy of Nudge Systems