The Tokyo Mobility Show 2023 has been in full swing since late last week and the automotive announcements did not disappoint. There are plenty to process with more to follow in the coming days. We’ll do our best to cover all the awesome stuff unveiled like this electric microvan concept from Toyota. Dubbed the Kayoibako, it promises exceptional modular capabilities.

When it comes to Japanese products, manufacturers usually try to integrate several functions to promote versatility. Multi-purpose items are convenient to have and can adapt to the various needs of the user. This is what Toyota envisions with its latest eco-friendly project and we believe rival carmakers might consider something similar in the future.

Among the marques that have attended the expo, we’ve already seen innovative platforms tackle a wide range of scenarios encountered by commuters. The Kayoibako, on the other hand, seems a bit odd with its single-seat setup. However, this was intentional as the cabin can be configured in a variety of ways.

Examples highlighted at the expo include extra seating, shelving, and living spaces should you wish to turn it into a camper. Renders of the latter present the electric van with cargo rails on the roof to haul tools and essentials for off-grid expeditions. Elsewhere, we have an EV that measures 13 feet long and 6 feet high.

Sure, there are larger alternatives that can be converted into more lavish motorhomes, but Toyota has specific plans in mind for the Kayoibako. The list includes a delivery van, a shuttle bus, and a mobile retail store. In one render, we can see the sliding door opened with a wheelchair to imply solutions are in place for people with disabilities.

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Images courtesy of Toyota