On a lush property in the small town of North Adams sits the Tourists Hotel, a quaint and intimate 48-room inn much like the roadside lodges you see in old films.

Except this little hotel is affixed with modern niceties that elevate its American motor lodge aesthetic from a simple nostalgia fest to a respectable blend of past and present — it offers us to look backward through the lens of modern-day sophistication.

If you happen to pass by Mohawk Trail, a road in western Massachusetts that opened in 1914 and is among America’s oldest scenic byways, you’ll find the Tourists Hotel cinched between a bucolic blanket of vegetation. The U-shaped space features low-slung bars surrounding a central courtyard with native flora. The white oak facades are a sight to behold. Plus, the structure itself is a fine example of the beauty in integrating architecture into the surrounding woods.

Each guest room has high ceilings, king-sized beds, and built-in lounge furniture for reading and napping. Families and larger groups are more than welcome as well, as several rooms offer lofted bunks. Each also has an advanced air-circulation system that replaces the air every hour. This apparently brings “the Berkshire outdoors into the space year-round.”

Outside, you’ll find a saltwater swimming pool and a deck overlooking the Hoosic River. Go a bit further and you’ll end up on the Farmhouse. Built in 1813, it still stands to offer cocktails and live music to guests. Find comfort in the cozy ranch-style common room that features a fireplace, and take a few steps to reach the patio overlooking the wetlands. Whether you prefer being alone or meeting other “tourists,” this is the place to be.


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Photos courtesy of Tourists Hotel