A huge junk of automotive projects are typically restorations. Most guys find it satisfying when they can bring their favorite classic as close to its original condition. The challenge here is hunting for original parts. If none can be found, modifications and upgrades can save the day. Meanwhile, motoring aficionados who prefer turnkey convenience will find the GTAmodificata hits the sweet spot!

This extremely exclusive release by Totem Automobili is limited to only five examples. Given the demand for professionally built restomods, we won’t be surprised to learn that all units are already spoken for as of this writing. Anyway, fans of the donor marque need only look at the silhouette to recognize the machine.

However, given the dramatic changes it underwent, the name should clue you in on everything. The GTAmodificata is an Alfa Romeo Giullia GTAm, which the shop considers as “one of the most winning race-cars ever built.” The iconic pattern of carbon fiber is typically associated with weight saving, durability, and high performance.

Not one to compromise quality and luxury, Totem Automobili opted for a monocoque chassis crafted out of the composite alongside CNC aluminum components. Pushing the aesthetics beyond average is the exposed weave of its full carbon fiber body.

Meanwhile, the so-called “Metallic Carbon” paint job adds splashes of metallic blue for contrast at the front. With the group’s reputation in mind, the GTAmodificata is more than just a pretty face. Under the hood is an aftermarket Italtecnica Engineering 3.2-liter twin-turbo V6 connected to a six-speed sequential rear-axle gearbox.

The dry double-disc clutch system and limited slip differential should hint at its capabilities. How does 810 horsepower and 538 lb-ft of twist sound? This bad boy tips the scales at only 2,414 lbs and can zip from zero to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds. Furthermore, the GTAmodificata will easily exceed 186 mph should you need it to.

Another notable addition includes the Totem billet aluminum double wishbone suspension with R53 dampers on both ends. It sports a set of Dymag rims in dark bronze shod in Pirelli Trofeo R tires. Finally, the GTAmodificata’s is embellished with the finest materials but styled in a way to convey race-ready comfort.

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Images courtesy of Totem Automobili