The TORRAS Coolify 2S is not merely a fan but a neck air conditioner and heater in one. It provides instant cooling and heating during hot or cold days.

This wearable device utilizes the powerful KU 2.0 Pro chip for efficient cooling. It uses high-efficiency semiconductor cooling plates to pull the temperature down to as much as 30°F in one second. Moreover, the NCT chip ensures a constant cooling sensation that lowers your perceived temperature by 30°F even in temperatures up to 90°F.

The TORRAS Coolify 2S uses a HyperVortex airflow system for a broader airflow coverage that can reach the neck and face. The dual-layer design features four air ducts for a comfortable 360° cooling effect. When it comes to cold temperatures, it also increases the temperature by as much as +50°F to keep you warm.

This ingenious device runs on a rechargeable 5000mAh battery that gets from zero to 80% in 1.5 hours and a full charge in 2.5 hours. It can be used while recharging and runs for up to 28 hours in Eco mode or four hours in Max.

The TORRAS Coolify 2S also has Bluetooth connectivity to adjust heating, cooling, and air blowing with a single click. The app also lets you customize the temperature to your desired specifications. As for the design, the Coolify 2S features adjustable silicone that conforms to all neck sizes and stays securely around the neck even during high-impact activities. This means you can use it during workouts or while shooting hoops. Likewise, it operates quietly at 31dB and is lightweight at just 14oz.

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Images courtesy of TORRAS