The legendary Ghurka were known for their tenacity and combat prowess. Each one of these intimidating warriors was known to carry a khukri knife, a weapon that earned the same respect as the soldiers that wielded them. That’s why Tops Knives once again tapped the skills of renowned knifemaker, Leo Espinoza, to come up with a design that embodies elements of what makes the Nepalese blade so darn effective.

You can immediately see how the designer transposed the overall shape of the khukri to the Tundra Trekker. In order to set it apart from the traditional weapon it was based on, its curvature was altered slightly into a gentler inward slope. Additionally, the saw teeth that runs along its spine ensures that the blade has its own personality.

This makes it a versatile tool to have with you on the field and can handle almost anything you throw at it. The 9-inch long blade is forged from 1095 RC 56-58 carbon steel and coated with a tough Tactical Stone powder finish. The textured Micarta grip is lightweight and sturdy enough to keep the knife firmly in your grasp.

Tops Knives made sure that the Tundra Trekker can handle tasks such as clearing brush and chopping wood with ease—it is likewise adaptable enough to carve tent pegs or traps. The blade comes with an open-backed sheath made of Kydex as well as a leather dangler. The price is listed at $185 and customization options will cost extra.

Tops Knives Tundra Trekker

Photos courtesy of Tops Knives