Infuse a touch of nostalgia to your lighter collection with this classic Prince Dolphin Lighter available for purchase over at Topdrawer. Originally made in Japan, it was a big hit in 1964. But the fact that it still shines to this day is a testament to its great craftsmanship.

Plus, this tool has features rarely or no longer found in most modern-day lighters. This includes a gas level indicator on the surface that comes in the form of an “eye.” This lighter requires butane and when the tank is full, the “eye” will reflect a bright red color which gradually becomes lighter as the amount of gas decreases. 

Then there’s the adjustable flame. The Prince Dolphin Lighter has a dial on the upper part, similar to those found in retro film cameras, that you can adjust between a strong and gentle flame. You can also “turn it off” so no flame comes out just a spark. Likewise, another great feature is its dolphin-shaped design that belies its purpose.

If you’re not familiar with this vintage lighter brand, then you’d think that it’s merely a toy because of how it discreetly hides the flint ignition system within its metal body. There’s no spark wheel and nozzle in sight. Instead, it operates with a press of a button that reveals the nozzle while simultaneously igniting the flame. 

This is a great safety feature that prevents unwanted burns as the fingers never get in the way of the flame. Plus, the Prince Dolphin Lighter has a replaceable flint. It comes in a variety of unique colors and coupled with its timeless design, it’ll easily fit well with any look.  

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Images courtesy of Topdrawer