oga is undoubtedly one of the latest fitness crazes. Perfect for anyone who wants to tone up without taking out a gym membership, it offers several benefits for your body and mind. Fitness can be achieved in many ways, and Yoga proves this. Yet Yoga is not exactly easy to do properly on normal ground, carpet, or hardwood. Overall, Yoga mats are the best possible thing to use.

Yoga is a surprisingly strenuous activity. It’ll build core body strength as well as tone you up, and even become more flexible over time. It can also be altered to suit needs. Most increase the intensity of their regime over time to improve well-being and achieve physical goals.

Yoga has been proven to have a host of psychological benefits. It can help you meditate, relax, and de-stress. However, you need a proper Yoga mat to do this right. Taking up a whole lot less room in your home than a treadmill, Yoga mats just need to be unrolled and used. That simple.

It’s technically possible to practice yoga without a yoga mat. However, you’ll find that the floor is surprisingly hard and painful after a while. Thick yoga mats will not only help to protect your knees and back from the floor’s hard surface, but it will also help your feet to have a safer grip on the floor.

This is especially if you have laminates or hardwoods. If you have carpets, a yoga mat will also help to protect you from painful carpet burns.

Finding the best yoga mat isn’t always as easy as it seems. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work researching so you don’t have to. Before we get to the mats, we need to answer a few FAQs first.

What are the main things to consider when you buy a yoga mat?

Not all yoga mats are the same. There are several factors to keep in mind before you buy. Many women who practice Yoga make this mistake somewhat, but typically they find it easy to get a proper mat. Since men are creatures of habit, we are not the type to just look for days to find one thing.

We’re not going to do it in a store for anything else, so why with Yoga Mats. However, bros need to understand just how important a right mat can be.

There is a lot of new forms of Yoga, with one of the most popular male forms of it being DDP Yoga. It is created by former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. His form of Yoga is so amazing that you’ll need a proper mat just to do it right. The reason for this is, well, listed below.

Yoga for men can be absolutely amazing as a work-out, making most guys sweat in less than 5 minutes. Check out things you need to know before buying a mat below.


A thick yoga mat is obviously going to be a lot more comfortable. A thin yoga mat won’t offer sufficient protection for your back and knees. There is a problem with an extra thick yoga mat, however. Anything approaching ¼” will cause you to struggle to connect with the floor.

That’s going to have an impact on the solidity of your “Tree Pose.” It’s something to bear in mind.

On the other hand, the extra depth will help to protect your knees, elbows, spine, and hips. This is ideal for anyone with joint problems. A typical yoga mat will measure around 1/8” in thickness. There are, however, 1/16” thick mats that are ideal for travel since they fold up easily to fit in your suitcase.

Depending on your storage requirements and whether you want a travel yoga mat you need to choose the right thickness for you. Another thing to consider is that the bigger you are, the more thickness you might need on a mat. In order to protect your knees properly, a person of a bigger size needs a thicker mat to help them.

Mats basically squish down, as they are pretty much padding. Meaning, a bigger guy just needs a thicker version.


Yoga mats are very simple and easy to carry, as they are all typically light. However, if you’re thinking of taking your yoga mat on vacation or on a random business trip, there is one thing to consider. You may want to choose one of the mats that is specially designed for travel use.

These very thin mats fold up or roll up tightly so you can pop them easily into your suitcase or even your carry on baggage. It’s incredibly tough to go on vacation and stay in shape while you do so, mostly due to the expenses you’re already paying. The last thing you want to do is pay for a gym for the small bit of time you’ll be there.

However,  the beauty of Yoga is that it can be done anywhere for completely free. You just need a mat to protect your body more. When traveling, a fold-up version is not only ideal, it’s a necessity.


The material used to make your yoga mat will dictate its sponginess, stickiness, and texture. It will also have an effect on how well it stands up to wear and tear over time. Regular yoga mats are usually made out of PVC (vinyl). There are, however, more eco-friendly options now available like jute and recycled rubber.

If you have a latex allergy, it goes without saying you should avoid a rubber mat. PVC mats are the stickiest and longest lasting. They are also generally the most spongy, with jute and cotton mats having the least give. It is quite simple to find out the material of the mat.

At a physical store, you look at the label and online stores will just list it. We made sure to list the material in our major specs below, just to go that extra mile for you.

Carrying strap:

Are you planning on using your yoga mat outside your home? If you regularly take your mat to your gym or yoga class, you’ll probably want a convenient way of carrying your mat. Tucking it under your arm isn’t the most convenient way of transporting a yoga mat, especially if you’re riding your bike!

A carrying strap is an ideal way to carry your mat over your shoulder leaving your hands free. Plus, if you’re like most of us, you’re going to likely carry other things with you. From things like water to a change of clothes, a lot may be needed. These carrying straps leave your hands open to do so.


Your yoga mat’s texture has a major impact on the amount of traction it can provide. Texture has an effect on how much you’ll slip and slide as you work out. Texture offers a physical barrier to sliding and also impacts on overall comfort. Some textures are man-made while others are dictated by its construction material.

Jute mats are organically rough while PVC mats are softer to the touch. Obviously, it depends on your preference regarding which one you’ll pick. However, the texture is important to note due to sweat you’ll build up. Some textures do not work well with water.

With sweat being, well, wet stuff…this could be a nightmare for some to deal with. Proper texture eliminates this, as well as the next thing we need to discuss.


You don’t want to slide all over the room as you practice yoga. You need your mat to stick to the floor so you don’t lose your alignment when shifting between positions. A PVC mat will have a more sticky texture but keeping it clean is essential for maximum grip.

This also depends on where your mat is going to be. Most Yoga Studios will have basically mats all over the surface of the room or hardwood. This allows the mat to stick and not move.

However, if you’re on a carpet, some may not work as well. Typically, the PVC Yoga mats can go just about anywhere and stick just fine. Meanwhile, most mats can stick properly to hardwood flooring.


In your search through Yoga mats, it’s possible that you considered whether your yoga mat is eco-friendly or not. Most men do not consider such a thing, but a lot of guys actually care deeply about it…possibly more than some might realize.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you might want to choose an eco-friendly yoga mat made from recycled materials or a natural material like organic cotton.

They are relatively easy to find. However, not all eco-friendly mats will offer the same protections that other Yoga mats might. This is something one needs to consider before buying one. Though we do salute you for helping the planet nonetheless.


Although many yoga mats come in a standard size, some are larger than others. This might not be an issue if you’re on the smaller side. However, if you’re bigger than the average guy, you’ll need a little more room to stretch out while you adopt the downward dog!

Finding a yoga mat that’s long enough and wide enough to suit your frame is essential. Like the thickness situation above, this is all about protecting you as a guy who just wants to work out. Whether you are doing this to get in proper shape, lose a few extra pounds, or help an injury possibly. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

You simply need a size that won’t let you down. This is something extremely important for taller users, not just those with bigger frames horizontally.


Yoga mats come in at all price points. While you might think that you always get what you pay for, but this isn’t always the case. You can pay just a few dollars for a cheap yoga mat, whereas the most expensive come in at over $100. You need to make a decision about how much you can afford to spend and, indeed, how much is appropriate for you to spend.

If you’re new to yoga and aren’t sure if it’s the right hobby for you, you may want to pay a more modest sum for your mat. Meanwhile, if you’re already an advanced yogi with years of experience, you’re more likely to be prepared to invest in one of the more expensive mats on the market. Of course, you’d do this safe in the knowledge that it’ll stand the test of time.

Alignment Systems:

Some yoga mats have been designed to have alignment systems printed or etched onto their surface. This helps beginners to get the positioning of their hands and feet right when practicing their Vinyasas. These mats tend to be more expensive, but it could be worth the investment.

They’ll truly help one who is serious about improving their technique and making sure they have their arms and legs in the right place.

Proper alignment is especially a big deal to consider when trying to do Yoga as a mini-rehab for an injury. The wrong type of alignment can alter what Yoga can do for you. For example, if you do a “Downward Dog” wrong it can actually injure your back pretty badly. You want to do things in limits as well.

Rather than slip a disc attempting to do what Rachel was doing, who has been practicing Yoga for 20 years, you can go slower. Plus dude, women are more flexible than men on average anyway. A proper Yoga teacher will help you align correctly in the position, as well as with your mat.

This is why we always recommend having a discussion with one. However, these specialty mats can cut that conversation out of your “needed talks” list.


Finally, you want a yoga mat that emphasizes your manliness – a pink one is probably going to be out! Though you’ll be the manliest pink mat holding dude walking the streets, we’re sure of it!

There are yoga mats available in such an array of colors, patterns, and designs that you’re sure to find one that suits you. Some want to catch the eyes of everyone at the gym with a striking design, while others want to blend subtly into the background until they have perfected their Eagle.

You’ll find the mat to suit you, as it can set a proper tone for you in a class. Plus, it’s always a good conversation starter with women in a class. You’re welcome, just thank us later.

What are the common mistakes people make when buying a yoga mat?

If you’re looking for a yoga mat, it’s pretty well-known that Amazon has plenty to choose from. However, if you just rush into buying the first one you see you’re bound to make a mistake. As we mentioned above, there are a number of factors that are needed just to find the mat that suits you. Clearly going in like an assassin with these things isn’t smart dude!

Here are some of the most common errors when investing in your first yoga mat:

Buying a heavy mat:

Often, people buy the thickest mat they can find because they think it will be more comfortable. While it often is, it can be very heavy to carry around. This can be a problem if you’re planning on taking it to classes with you or on vacation. A thicker mat rolls into a very thick roll too.

That means storage can be a problem.

A heavy mat might be a great choice if you’re only going to be exercising at home. However, if you’re going to take it outside your home gym you’re probably better off choosing something lighter weight.

Choosing a mat that’s the wrong size:

There are several sizes of yoga mat available. While most are of standard dimensions and are perfectly suited to anyone of average proportions, if you’re taller than average or have piled on the pounds recently, you might benefit from an extra wide or extra long yoga mat.

This will make sure you’ve got enough room to move through the positions without falling off the sides of your mat!

Choosing a mat based on price alone:

It can be tempting to buy either the cheapest mat you can find to save money or the most expensive because you think it’s bound to be the best. Unfortunately, neither of these are perfect scenarios. It’s important to read up on the mats to find the one that best suits you as a person. That means you need to keep a lot of things in mind.

A very cheap mat won’t be a good investment and won’t last very long. On the other hand, expensive mats are often no better than a mid-range one. In general, you’re best choosing a product from a well known and reliable brand. A Gaiam yoga mat or a Lululemon yoga mat will be well made and will offer you excellent quality and great value for money.

Just as an example, of course.

Not reading yoga mat reviews:

Reading expert and users reviews of any product you’re wanting to buy is pretty important. Otherwise, you can’t make an informed decision. Take the time to find out more about the nitty gritty of the different options available so you can determine which one is right for you.

If you don’t, you may end up with a Yoga mat you absolutely hate. At Men’s Gear, we’d hate to see that happen.

Be sure to check out those reviews. Of course, we’re pretty much going to be giving you some of the best around. Check out the list below to see proper reviews, and the best available.

How do you clean a yoga mat?

It’s important to keep your yoga mat clean. It’s going to get covered in sweat from your workout alone. Don’t use any harsh cleaning materials that could damage your mat. For light soiling, simply use water mixed with a small amount of dish detergent in a spray bottle and a rag or sponge.

Spray the solution onto the mat and rub away any obvious light soiling. Wipe down your mat using clean water and rub it dry using a dry cloth. Once you’re done, hang it out to dry in the open air.

In the case of heavy soiling, fully submerge your mat in a mild detergent and warm water solution. Make sure not to add too much soap as this could result in residue building up on the mat. This could cause it to be slippery next time it’s used.

Handwash your mat thoroughly then rinse properly using clean water.

Squeeze out excess water, lay your mat down on a dry, clean towel and roll up the towel and mat together. Step on the mat and squeeze as much moisture as possible before unrolling the mat and towel. Then hang it out to dry outdoors.

Can you clean your yoga mat in your washing machine? That depends on the mat you have. Many haven’t been designed to withstand a washing machine cycle. A lot of mats clearly state that they can’t be washed in a washing machine. Others don’t. That doesn’t mean that it can stand the agitation and tumble.

Unless it states clearly that you can put your mat in the washing machine, it’s best avoided as it could tear up the mat. It could even damage your washing machine if it got stuck under the agitator. Wiping down the mat probably doesn’t sound so bad.

1) Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Brand Name
27 x 5 x 5 inches

A Manduka yoga mat can be relied upon to be good quality. Highly durable, it’s made from PVC and has been built to last. Constructed using dense foam, it is comfortable to practice on and feels thicker than many of its rivals although isn’t overly squishy.

Solid and substantial, the Manduka PRO provides excellent traction in time but takes around a month to break in.

Manduka makes yoga mats with environmental friendliness in mind, and guarantee to replace your mat if it wears out through general use. This means you are making a huge investment in your future workouts. It does weigh more than 7lbs though, so it’s best used inside the home rather than taking it with you to class.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Highly durable – won’t wear out easily
  • Made to environmentally friendly standards
  • Made with high-quality dense foam
  • Provides excellent traction over time
  • Thicker than many rival brands
  • Takes a long time to break in
  • Quite heavy to carry around


2) Liforme Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Brand Name
72.8 x 26.8 x 1.6 inches

The main feature of these yoga mats is its prominent alignment marker system. This helps you to retain the proper form when you practice yoga. Innovative and unique, this concept makes this mat really stand out from the crowd. It comes in many colors and is easy to clean.

It is also longer in length than many other mats and is also thicker for better comfort, even if you’re larger than the average guy. This eco-friendly mat has been manufactured from sustainable rubber with etched alignment markers rather than potentially harmful ink.

No glue is used and the mat is entirely free from PVC. Promising a comfortable feel against your foot, this is an effective non-slip mat which is designed to stand the test of time. The Liforme weighs under 3lbs and so is easy to carry around, especially thanks to the carry case.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • A sturdy non-slip design
  • Highly durable for a long lifespan
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Expensive when compared to other mats
  • Has a rubbery odor


3) Airex Calyana Professional Yoga Mat

Brand Name
72.8 x 26 x 0.26 inches

Designed to be completely non-slip, this mat is highly durable and built to last. It has an unusual texture together with supportive cushioning that feels stable and thick. Even better for those eco-conscious yogis out there, the Airex Calyana mat is 100% sustainable.

These yoga mats have been tested rigorously for any harmful substances and passed with flying colors. It was designed by experts with more than half a century of experience in producing high-quality mats for gymnasts. It is very easy to maintain – all you need to do is wipe it down to get it looking perfect.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • 100% sustainable
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Designed by experts in the industry
  • 100% non-slip design
  • Supportive thick and stable cushioning
  • Unusual texture
  • Heavier weight


4) Lululemon 3mm Reversible Mat

Brand Name
26 x 71 x 0.12 inches

Made from strong latex, rubber, and polyurethane, this mat is made by one of the leading names in the industry – Lululemon. With its added antimicrobial additive, this mat is well protected from the fungi, bacteria, and mold. All of which can so easily grow on sweaty yoga mats.

Available in a choice of colors it offers optimal traction yet with a surprisingly smooth upper. The polyurethane layer applied to the rubber absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat making this one of the best yoga mats for hot yoga. Measuring 5mm in thickness, it is comfortable and supportive without being too squishy.

Its density and heaviness make it stay firmly in a position that is ideal when transitioning between positions. It is also very easy to care for and clean.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Antimicrobial additive to guard against mold and bacterial growth
  • Absorbs moisture thanks to polyurethane layer
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Stays firmly in position
  • Low maintenance
  • Contains latex which could cause allergic reactions
  • Produces an unpleasant rubbery odor


5) Heathyoga Ltd Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

Brand Name
26 x 72 x 0.2 inches

Made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) rubber or plastic, this yoga mat produces excellent results. Free from PVC and latex, this mat is odorless, harmful chemical-free, and non-toxic. It is also eco-friendly and recyclable. Designed to be non-slip, this mat suits the needs of beginners and professionals alike.

This is thanks to its integrated body alignment system. At 6mm in thickness, it is thicker than many of its rivals offering more support for your joints. Its double-layered design and double-sided non-slip texture ensure a safe and comfortable workout.

As the mat is also wider and longer than standard mats, it’s ideal for any guy who is larger than the average. It comes complete with a carrying strap for extra convenience while its two-tone color scheme adds visual appeal. Despite its thickness, it rolls up fairly small for transportation.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Eco-friendly materials
  • No harmful chemicals or latex
  • Double-sided texture for non-slip effectiveness
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Wider and longer than the average mat
  • Integrated body alignment system
  • Not machine washable


6) Manduka PROLITE Yoga Mat

Brand Name
23.7 x 4.1 x 3.7 inches

This is an incredibly durable and well-made yoga mat with plush and thick cushioning that measures almost 5mm in thickness to protect your joints. If you’re looking for a professional quality yet affordable Amazon yoga mat, this Manduka one is perfect for you.

Protected by the brand’s lifetime guarantee, it boasts impressive traction thanks to its super-grim bottom and non-slip surface. As it only weighs 4lbs, this mat is surprisingly easy to take to class and it doesn’t even compromise on style. Colorful, stylish and fun, there are 11 variations of colors to choose from.

Even better, for those who are determined to opt for the eco-friendly option, these yoga mats are zero-waste sustainable.

They have been produced in a factory that produces no toxic emissions. It’s also entirely latex free while its closed cell construction prevents bacteria and moisture build-up.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Closed cell construction for no moisture and bacteria build-up
  • Latex free
  • Non-slip surface
  • Lots of color choice
  • Only weighs 4lbs
  • Gets very sweaty therefore isn’t the best hot yoga mat


7) Jade Travel Yoga Mat

Brand Name
25 x 4 x 4 inches

The Jade Travel Yoga Mat is completely free of PVC and is made from natural rubber for 100% anti-slip construction. There is just enough tread on its surface to keep you firmly in place. Meanwhile, its open cell construction allows for sufficient stickiness to avoid any slipping or sliding.

Bearing in mind that this mat is designed for travel, you can’t expect it to be as thick as many of its rivals. This one measures 1/8” in thickness and yet is surprisingly comfortable for a travel yoga mat. You can either roll up this mat or fold it to tuck it away into your carry on luggage.

It’s super lightweight and so it’s great for taking to class or away on vacation.

Even better for you eco-warriors out there – Jade promises to plant a tree for each mat they manufacture. Seriously, you can’t get more eco-friendly than that!

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Perfect for travel
  • Lightweight and easy to put in carry-on luggage
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • 100% anti-slip
  • Free from PVC
  • Degrades easily in sunlight


8) Lululemon Namastay Mat

Brand Name
26 x 71 x 0.15 inches

These innovative yoga mats were designed based on customer feedback. Produced by one of the top manufacturers, it has been created with additional grip at both ends for zero slippage. However, its middle section is smooth to allow more fluid jump-throughs.

The construction from Luvea rubber is sustainably sourced and natural, having been certified by the FSC.

It even has antimicrobial additives added to prevent mildew and mold growth due to sweat. Meanwhile, the additional cushioning ensures that knees and hip joints are well protected. The textured surface on one side guards against slipping.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Made from Luvea natural, sustainable rubber
  • Additional cushioning
  • Anti-slip textured surface
  • Smooth center section
  • Extra grip ends
  • Requires a towel when doing hot yoga


9) Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Emerald

Brand Name
Hugger Mugger

These very first purpose-designed yoga mats were made by Hugger Mugger. Made to be completely free from latex, these are the ideal mats for anyone with a latex allergy. They are also free from phthalates too – we’re sure you’ll be pleased to know.

For anyone who wants an eco-friendly mat, this is an excellent choice and you won’t need to compromise on durability. Most of the time, you’ll end up paying a huge price difference for yoga mats that are eco-friendly and high quality. Hugger Mugger turns that on its head big time.

Built to last, the Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Emerald is lightweight enough to carry to class without any difficulty. On top of this, its bargain price makes it the perfect choice for yogis on a budget.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Latex free
  • Phthalate free
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Low price
  • Extra stickiness may not suit everyone
  • Only 3mm thick


10) BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat

Brand Name
24 x 6 x 6 inches

The BalanceFrom GoYoga mat is designed for extra thickness. With its high density, it promises never to tear. This makes it a durable, long-lasting choice. Made from high-density foam, it offers comfort for the joints and spine. Meanwhile, its slip resistance means that you’ll feel completely stable and secure while moving between poses.

The BalanceFrom GoYoga mat has moisture resistant technology built in allowing for low maintenance. You can just wash it with detergent and water for easy cleaning. Carrying this mat around is also a breeze thanks to the integrated strap. This enables you to roll it up quickly and easily for storage or transportation.

There is even a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for your complete peace of mind. The low price of these yoga mats makes it a great choice for newbie yogis.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with integrated carry strap
  • High density foam construction for comfort
  • Non-tear design
  • Low maintenance
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Not ideal for taller users


11) Gaiam 6” Thick Printed Yoga Mat

Brand Name
78 x 26 x 0.2 inches

Designed to be thick yet lightweight, this Gaiam yoga mat has additional cushioning to protect your joints during your exercise routine. Its non-slip sticky texture offers optimal traction and impressive grip. Meanwhile, its stylish design has been imprinted on the upper surface to help you feel more focused and motivated.

Complete free of toxins and the 6 Ps (DNOP, DIDP, DINP, BBP, DBP, and DEHP) this mat is a better choice not only for your own health and well-being. Clearly, however, it’s also good for that of the planet. Having yoga mats around that can be environmentally friendly is great to see, and it makes them worth investing into.

You can even benefit from a free downloadable yoga class when you buy this mat to get you launched on your first yoga workout.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Non-slip texture
  • Non-toxic
  • Free of the 6 Ps
  • Extra thickness for better comfort
  • Free downloadable yoga class
  • Rubbery odor at first


12) Lululemon Reversible Un-Mat

Brand Name
71 x 26 x 0.06 inches

The Lululemon brand is well known for its high quality. This lightweight mat from the brand’s range is perfect for yogis who commute or travel. It’s suitable for use as a standalone mat or as an extra layer on another mat to give extra cushioning. Its top layer offers an outstanding grip and yet is surprisingly smooth.

Designed for travel, it is very lightweight and comes in a choice of stylish patterns and colors. You can roll it or fold it for easier transportation. Despite its thin travel-friendly design, it is still incredibly durable and will last for years. It even features a microbial anti-fungal coating.

This protects against the growth of mold spores and bacteria from sweat which makes it a hygienic option.

These yoga mats are easy to clean and easy to maintain on top of coming in at a relatively affordable price. Overall, it is a great investment for any yogi who wants a versatile travel mat.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Perfect for travel
  • Lightweight design
  • Comes in many colors
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Low maintenance
  • Smooth grippy surface
  • Not very eco-friendly


13) Sivan Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Brand Name
4 x 25 x 4 inches

These tremendous yoga mats made by Sivan measure 0.5” in thickness. This makes it one of the thickest on the market today. Made out of NBR foam, it offers optimal cushioning from impacts and provides excellent comfort without compromising on grip.

Whatever your shape or size, using this mat will be a breeze.

There are three colors to choose from, while the integrated carrying strap makes transporting this mat to classes very simple. This mat features a non-slip design thanks to a ridged base while the upper surface is super smooth and soft for better comfort.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Extra thickness protects the joints
  • Attached straps for easier transportation
  • Durable NBR foam
  • Extra large size
  • Not ideal for use on tiled surfaces


14) YogaAccessories ¼” Thick High-Density Yoga Mat

Brand Name
4 x 25 x 4 inches

This YogaAccessories extra thick mat offers a deluxe experience. Measure over ¼” in thickness, it is perfect for all yogis. Thanks to its choice of beautiful colors, it’s also a stylish choice. Made using high-quality materials, you can depend on this mat to be completely free of phthalates and latex,

This means you do not need to worry about any heavy metals in the dyes and inks. Meanwhile, the luxurious cushioning ensures your joints are well protected from your hard floors. The non-slip grip surface makes this mat a perfect choice for use on all kinds of floors.

You won’t need to continuously replace this yoga mat when you invest in one of these great yoga mats by YogaAccessories. Designed for optimal scratch resistance and resistance to tears, this mat will last for years giving you plenty of excellent use in that time.

Particularly recommended for restorative poses, this mat allows you to sink into your practice in style.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Extra thick for better comfort
  • Latex free
  • Phthalate free
  • Non-slip surface
  • Scratch and tear resistant
  • Perfect for restorative poses
  • Requires a towel for hot yoga
  • Takes a long time to dry


15) Ajna Natural Jute Yoga Mat

Brand Name
72 x 24 inches 5mm thick

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best natural yoga mats on the market, this Ajna natural jute mat is the perfect eco-friendly choice. More expensive than some of its rubber rivals, it is latex free making it a good choice for anyone with allergies.

It is also free from phthalates and PVC. With its stylish finish, it catches the eye in the gym for all the right reasons. It’s even vegan, recyclable, and biodegradable for one of the most sustainable options on the market today. It comes with an extra-length cotton carry strap so it can easily be transported and stored.

It offers excellent traction as well with its non-slip surface. To top it off, there is no unpleasant odor. Clearly, none of us want yoga mats that have a major odor to them, so it’s great than Anja can make this happen.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Carrying strap for easy transportation
  • No unpleasant odor
  • Non-slip traction
  • Vegan, recyclable and biodegradable
  • Latex, PVC and phthalate free
  • Eco-friendly
  • May feel a little uncomfortable on your skin due to natural fibers


16) Hemingweigh Extra-Thick High-Density Yoga Mat

Brand Name
24 x 71 x 0.5

The ½” thick Hemingweigh yoga mat offers a high-density workout experience. Featuring a memory foam construction, you can expect optimal support for your whole body from this mat. Meanwhile, its non-slip texture promises to keep your mat fixed into place no matter how complex your moves.

The surface has been designed to resist moisture and since it is low maintenance and simple to clean. That means you’ll never need to worry about the hassle of cleaning your mat. There is a free integrated carrying strap so you can easily transport it around to the gym or anywhere you want to work out.

There is even a two-year manufacturer’s warranty to give you peace of mind. Easy to unroll and pack back up again, it will offer you plenty of stability while its generous size gives you plenty of room to work out. Truly, these are tremendously useful yoga mats that can benefit anyone.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Moisture resistant surface
  • Free integrated carrying strap
  • 2 year warranty
  • ½” in thickness for excellent comfort
  • Memory foam construction
  • Non-slip texture
  • Sponginess makes balancing hard in some positions


Your Flexible Choice

Finding the right yoga mat isn’t always easy. There’s nothing worse than buying an extra thick mat and then realizing that you can’t carry it easily to class. Of course, choosing a mat which turns out to be so thin that your joints ache after a few minutes can also suck.

When you pay attention to expert and user reviews, you’ll find that you’ll get enough information to help you avoid making an expensive mistake.

In our top 16 list, we’ve brought you the top selling, highest performing yoga mats on the market to suit all kinds of yogis. Whether you’re exercising at home, taking your mat on vacation, or whether you’re a larger than average exerciser. It didn’t matter, as we felt we showed yoga mats to fit all respective needs.

We’ve even listed the most eco-friendly choices so you can be confident that you’re doing your bit for the environment. This on top of improving your own mental and physical health.

If you’re ready to embark on the latest yoga craze, one of these 16 mats will be your perfect choice. Take a deep breath and get into the right mat buying pose. Namaste!