You’ve decided that you’re going to start making the most of your $30 per-month gym membership, or is it $60 per visit? You’ll start exercising more and start lifting heavy weights. Your pals are going to notice the difference, you’ll soon become the alpha male of the group and the ladies will be turning their heads for a second glance. You need to be safe in the gym, so a quality pair of weightlifting gloves for men are needed.

Before any goal becomes even close to reality, there are many decisions to make. Which protein powder do you use? Do you need a personal trainer? What does that term mean? What are these energy bars for? Put them down and stop Googling that for a second.

The first step in any weight-training program should be finding weightlifting gloves for men to help you even get to the next week.

Weight training is an exceptional way to build muscle, get stronger, and manage your daily routine with more energy. The lesser known benefit of weight training is that it’s also very effective in helping you lose weight!

Weightlifting gloves will make achieving any of these things so much easier.

These gloves aren’t just used by bodybuilders and everyday people pumping iron. Even though that is their primary market, they’re also used in other exercise niches like CrossFit and cycling. If you wanted to, you could even do your gardening in them.

To make your transition into a man-mountain easier, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about weightlifting gloves for men. This will mostly include their benefits and what to look out for when buying them.

We’ll then go on to show you what we believe are the 12 superior weightlifting gloves on the market right now.


1) Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves

Size Range
6.3-9.8 inch
Wrist Support

The first rep will be taken by the Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves. Trideer happens to be big players on the market when it comes to weightlifting gloves for men. They offer their quality gloves in a choice of five sizes and four colors, but only two of the colors are going to appeal to most guys.

While they offer more color options than many gloves we’ve come across, they are a unisex product. That means their color options will lean toward women as much as men.

They’ve manufactured these gloves with a lightweight microfiber to be kind to your hands and provide outstanding comfort. To make sure you never slip at the crucial moment, they’ve inserted silica gel into the palm to maximize your grip.

With these gloves, you’ll have a secret weapon to make sure your form remains as strong as possible. The wrist strap is one of the best you’ll see here too. Why is it so impressive?

The wrist strap is a colossal 18-inches long for continued wraparound and exceptional support. The strap is then tied together with Velcro fastening and the whole product is finished off with a one-year warranty!

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  • Five sizes available
  • Four color options
  • Made with a lightweight microfiber
  • Silica gel palms
  • Exceptionally long wrist strap
  • One-year warranty
  • Feminine color options


2) Fit Active Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

Size Range
5.5-10 inch
Wrist Support

Next entering the Men’s Gear gym are the Fit Activated Sports Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves. These gloves have a design you don’t come across very often. They definitely win the best-ventilated weightlifting gloves for men award. The back of the gloves has no material whatsoever.

Weightlifting gloves can sometimes get a bad rep – no pun intended – for their ability to start smelling bad real fast. With this exceptional breathability feature, you’ll never have bad odors taking over your gym bag.

The complete palm section, as well as the thumb area on the glove, is layered with special neoprene material. This makes these gloves water-resistant and prevents premature damage. They also have wrist straps for extensive protection. Simply pull the Velcro as tight or as loose as you prefer for a secure feeling.

Overall, these weightlifting gloves for men may be different from what we normally see. However, they’re no different at providing outstanding comfort in uncomfortable situations.

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  • Unique ventilating design
  • Avoids bad odors and skin irritation
  • Velcro straps for a personal fitting
  • Wrist support
  • Made with reliable neoprene parts
  • No back of the hand protection


3) Harbinger Pro Non-Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves

Size Range
7-10 inch
Wrist Support

They don’t come with a wrist strap, however, these Harbinger weightlifting gloves for men are excellent. While wrist support is always encouraged, we know not all need this. Men who have been hitting the squat racks for a while will not be as prone to poor form and potential wrist injuries.

Unless you’re a man lifting some astonishing heavy loads, of course.

These gloves come in black and range in size from small to extra-extra-large. This sounds great, but in reality, the difference between sizes isn’t substantial. In fact, all five sizes combined only have a three-inch difference between them.

They have been double stitched to make them last longer – saving you money! They will keep blisters at bay with a cushioned wrap-around thumb area and a leather palm. Also, if you push your limits and work up a sweat, your hands will stay ventilated using open-cell foam to remove moisture possibilities.

They even come with a 90-day warranty for added peace of mind!

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  • Exceptional padding for comfort
  • Great moisture-expelling design
  • 90-day warranty included
  • Double stitching at the seams
  • Decent range of sizes
  • No substantial wrist support


4) Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves

Size Range
6.25-10.25 inch
Wrist Support

The Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves come in a great range of sizes. They even have an extra-small version so our younger readers – or some presidents – can get in on the action.

The glove has a unique design that allows them to always remain a snug fit.

This will provide better support when you’re struggling through your last rep.

The double-length wrist straps will keep you even more secure. They have also been fitted with an industrial-strength Velcro so they don’t become weakened after hot soaks and washes.

This is useful because some of the top reasons for getting new gloves is worn straps and Velcro.

The palm of the gloves is padded with exceptionally-dense foam for comfort. They even have anti-slip prints to help you stay in control of the barbell or dumbbell as you lift. This anti-slip feature is made from a gel print and is not a feature you find on too many quality weightlifting gloves for men.

The gloves also have an easy-pull tab to let you take them off effortlessly. Plus, they come with a hook so you can store them and hang them out to dry conveniently.

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  • Exceptional size range
  • Snug design
  • Extended wrist strap with quality Velcro
  • Drying and storing plastic hook
  • Easy to take off
  • Dense padding for comfort
  • You pay more for such quality


5) Trideer Double Protection Weight Lifting Gloves

Size Range
6.3-9 inch
Wrist Support

These weightlifting gloves for men by Trideer are fantastic all-purpose gloves. You can use them for all types of exercising from bodybuilding and CrossFit to things like cycling. They come in four color options which is something not very common with gym gloves.

Although the colored part on each design is minimal.

These gloves don’t just protect your palms with robust padding. Trideer has also added protection to the back of your hands using a silica gel to improve all-around shock absorption.

They’re mostly manufactured using a breathable microfiber material, which is especially lightweight and comfortable.

The wrist strap will stop your fingertips from being overworked. They properly lock in place using Velcro for a tailored fit that you’ll enjoy.

These weightlifting gloves for men are a half-finger glove like most the gloves like these on the market. Half-finger designs are useful because you can update your fitness-tracking app as you exercise without having to remove the gloves.

If you buy these gloves, Trideer will throw in a 30-day-no-questions-asked return option. Plus, they include a one-year warranty to protect your purchase!

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  • Four color choices available
  • All-around protection
  • Made with lightweight and breathable materials
  • Protective wrist strap
  • Velcro fastening for a snug fit
  • Returns and warranty period included
  • Aesthetics won’t be for every guy


6) Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves

Size Range
7-10 inch
Wrist Support
Black and white

Steel Sweat makes their weightlifting gloves for men in various sizes, so you’ll always be prepared. They come in a black-and-white design which may cause a few problems. White tends to pick up marks from dumbbells and barbells quite easily.

Unless you have some really good laundry detergent, don’t expect these to stay white for long.

These gloves are made from a flexible material to provide a tighter fitting, yet they also provide a great ventilation ability. That means despite how close they hug your hands, no sweat will build up.

They also include friction dots to improve your grip on the weights and they’re double stitched to last longer. The back of the glove is made from genuine leather to improve the durability of the glove’s structure.

This will keep you protected in harsh gym environments where accidents can happen. These gloves are one of a few that help you in taking them off. They have added pull tabs on the fingers and the thumb to do this.

We haven’t even had a chance to mention the wrist strap and, yet it’s one of the most supportive on our guide. It’s a phenomenal 18-inches long, meaning it’ll wrap around your wrist multiple times giving you even more protection.

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  • Reinforced leather aspects
  • Double-padded thumb
  • Moisture-wicking design
  • Quality wrist strap
  • Easy to remove during sets
  • That white design won’t stay white


7) Trideer Workout Gloves

Size Range
5.9-9.8 inch
Wrist Support

We have another Trideer option to add to our list of the top weightlifting gloves for men today. You can get these gloves in black or gray color. In our opinion, both look really cool and won’t overly standout on the gym floor.

The palm area is covered in a silica gel to maximize your grip and other areas are made with a lightweight microfiber so you remain comfortable. The back of the gloves is covered in a mesh to avoid a build-up of irritating sweat and odors.

These are one of the pairs of quality gym gloves that help you remove them easily via the pull tabs on the fingers. They even come with a 12-month warranty for purchasing peace of mind.

Just be careful when washing these gloves. They require a hand wash and air drying so they don’t shrink or damage.

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  • Two awesome color options
  • Maximum grip
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Pull tabs for easy removal
  • Warranty included
  • 30-day no-questions returns
  • Not machine washable


8) Steel Sweat Workout Gloves

Size Range
7-10 inch
Wrist Support

The Steel Sweat Workout Gloves are quality weightlifting gloves for men at a great price. Steel Sweat is getting a few mentions here, which is a testament to their commitment to making exceptional gym accessories for men. They’ve also decided to add some color to this glove model.

You can grab a pair in either black, red, or gray in a selection of sizes.

The gloves have been made to fit the shape of our hands exactly. Their anatomical approach allows them to always sit comfortably. This is aided by the use of stretching seams along the fingers and their special StretchAir material. This material enhances ventilation while hugging the contours of your hands.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t padded. The natural shape is supported by double padding and friction dots. The dots are there to improve your grip on the weights so you don’t waste energy with an over-tightened fist. When the hard work is done, you’ll be able to remove the gloves easily and head to the locker room for an Instagram-worthy selfie.

Just pull on the finger tabs to reduce their restrictiveness and slide them off with your other hand.

The other good news is that these gloves are easier to care for because they’re machine washable. The only bad news is that you shouldn’t be fooled by their Velcro strap.

These gloves don’t provide any substantial wrist support. Can you forgive them? We certainly can!

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  • More colorful options
  • Anatomically-accurate design
  • Friction dots for additional grip
  • Double padding
  • Pull tabs for easy removal
  • Machine washable for convenience
  • No substantial wrist straps


9) Tourdarson Weight Lifting Gym Gloves

Size Range
6.7-9.3 inch
Wrist Support

The Tourdarson Weight Lifting Gym Gloves are yet another pair of weightlifting gloves for men that are missing wrist support but still manage to excel in other areas.

They come available in a solid range of sizes, plus they come in a few more colors than others.

This includes a cool blue color some of the Men’s Gear writers have their eyes on.

There is a stitched in cloth on the back of the thumb that has been added so you can wipe the sweat off your brow between sets without having to take off the gloves. It’s a unique addition and we like their creativity to come up with such an innovative feature!

These weightlifting gloves for men are lightweight and have breathable materials. This is on top of a sweat-removing mesh on the back of the gloves. Other plus points include finger pull tabs for effortless removal and anti-slip print layers to improve grip.

Are these what you’ve been waiting for? Maybe?

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  • Innovative sweat cloth stitched in
  • Colorful options
  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • Easy to take off
  • Anti-slip prints
  • Again, those poor wrists!


10) Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves #2

Size Range
7-10 inch
Wrist Support
Zed blue

Steel Sweat may not be the best at naming their gloves, but they certainly make up for it in the actual making of their products. These gloves come in a blue, white, and red design termed as “zed blue.” Very patriotic of them.

These weightlifting gloves for men have been manufactured to last. They’ve been double stitched throughout and the thumb has been double layered.

Meanwhile, the fingers and back of the hand have been designed to increase airflow.

They also have a wrist strap made from robust canvas that secures down with Velcro for a tailored fitting.

One of the coolest things about these weightlifting gloves for men is that they’ve kept a good range of mobility in the joint areas. When you consider this freedom of movement has been added without disturbing the quality of protection, you realize that these gloves are the full package.

You’ll get a full range of movement without any restrictions. However, you’ll still feel secure and protected as you strive towards a personal best. If you buy these gloves you can save some hard-earned cash on one of their weightlifting belts too!

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  • Colorful design
  • Durable build
  • Exceptional canvas wrist strap
  • Velcro fastening
  • Mobile joints
  • Breathable materials used
  • Break-in period needed


11) Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weightlifting Gloves

Size Range
5.5-9 inch
Wrist Support
Black and red

Dark Iron Fitness made a pair of black and red weightlifting gloves for men that looks like something a superhero would wear to fight crime. Even the company’s name is bordering on the superhero theme, or possibly a supervillain one.

These weightlifting gloves are made from premium leather for the most part. The seams have reinforced stitching to finish off their durable construction. Instead of stuffing the palm with padding and claiming unbeatable protection, Dark Iron Fitness have made sure their padding follows the exact contours of your palms.

They also have a wrist strap to give considerable support. One last feature you should be aware of is that this product has two finger loops on each glove to help you pull them off.

If you decide to go to the Dark Iron Fitness side then they’ll replace your gloves for free. That’s as long as they have structural failure. If that is the case, they’ll replace them at any point in time. This clearly shows confidence in their creation.

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  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • Wrist support included
  • Cool aesthetics
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Contoured palm padding
  • Durable quality leather
  • The wrist strap is short


12) Bionic Premium Full Finger Fitness Gloves

Size Range
7.75-10 inch
Wrist Support
Gray and orange

We’re going to finish our set of the best weightlifting gloves for men with an unusual design. These gray and orange gloves are different compared to what we’ve shown thus far. What makes them unique is their full-finger design.

Despite being full-finger gym gloves, they’re touchscreen compatible!

You’ll still be able to update MyFitnessPal and Facebook without taking them off as you wait for the foam roller to become free! We think these may be the best weightlifting gloves for men on our list. The reasons are numerous.

The leather palm has been padded strategically to spread out pressure and absorb shock. The pre-rotated fingers will imitate the natural curves of your hands. Don’t believe us?

Put your hands out in front of you with your palm facing you.

Now curl your fingers up. What did you notice? They all came into the center of your palm, right? Their patented design doesn’t interrupt this natural hand motion when gripping weights to support a better grip. Science!

They also have a stitched-in towel to wipe the sweat from your brow, plus, they’re phenomenal at reducing perspiration. These weightlifting gloves for men have the same terrycloth pads inside the gloves at strategically-placed areas. This also comes with a special material on the back of the gloves to expel moisture.

What more do you want? Oh, you want them to be machine washable as well? Good news, they are!

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  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Stitched-in sweat cloth
  • Sweat-absorbing cloth inside the gloves
  • Pre-rotated fingers for anatomically-accurate movement
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable back
  • You pay more for such quality


What Are The Main Benefits Of Weightlifting Gloves For Men?

There’s a reason that weightlifting gloves for men are common accessories in health club locker rooms and CrossFit gyms across the globe. They offer a number of benefits that are both cosmetic and performance-related. These benefits can be crucial to your overall workout routine.

While some think they will help you merely pick up weights easier, that isn’t all they can do for you. In fact, some can even save your life by protecting you from possible disasters.

That said, let’s find out about these benefits.

Performance benefits:

If you start slipping as you lift weights, you can tense up and compromise your form. Before you know it, you’re lying in the hospital bed wrapped in cotton wool and unable to move. Maybe that’s slightly exaggerated, but it’s true that the best weightlifting gloves for men can definitely improve your grip and keep your form perfect.

Similarly, they also prevent you from sweating all over the bar. This aids your grip, but it’s also a hygienic move – especially if inconsiderate gym-goers were there before you. (side note: wipe down equipment when you’re done, you animal).

Some of the best weightlifting gloves for men come with wrist support. Wrist straps are significant at enhancing your weightlifting potential. A wrist strap acts as a kind of outer-body ligament and tendon to displace pressure from your fingertips during pulling exercises such as deadlifts.

Instead of putting your fingers under pressure, it’s spread over the forearm as well. This enables you to lift heavier weights, increase size and strength and help you take down Timmy the Bully easier.

Well, we can’t promise you the last part. Timmy may know karate…

Injury prevention:

We’re going to stick with those wrist straps for a moment. They don’t just help you improve your lifting performance, they also provide unrivaled support for your wrist. You put your wrists under severe and repeated pressure when lifting weights.

Poor form or pushing yourself too hard can cause significant pain and injury.

A wrist strap can prevent this by holding your wrist and its inner workings firmly together. Reinforced finger joints also give similar injury-prevention benefits but to a lesser extent. To top it off, the lack of sweat that the gloves provide allows you to keep a grip easier on weights.

Imagine if you dropped a bar at the wrong moment, not just for you but even spotting for someone else. Starting to see why they’re so useful?

Cosmetic benefits:

Hitting the gym without weightlifting gloves for men can leave your hands in a bit of a mess. Our body is a magnificent thing and it will adapt to common occurrences to protect itself. This is why you see manual workers with calluses and blisters all over their hands.

The same happens to weightlifters who prefer a natural feel and don’t wear gloves. We know our Men’s Gear readers are too smart for any of that.

An accumulation of calluses and blisters can become unsightly. It’ll definitely get the attention of your potential business partner upon the first handshake or put the cute girl off as you wave across the bar. However, this can cause issues with your overall hand too.

Gloves help to give a proper grip, thus it’s unlikely any damage can come to your hand in them.

Without them, you could not only manipulate your fingers too much but cause them to go out of place a lot. That could be through jamming, fracturing, or even breaking them by picking up weights the wrong way or trying to hold on too long.

Imagine how those fingers could look after a long period of time doing this. Bad, right?

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Buying Weightlifting Gloves for men?

Weightlifting gloves for men aren’t the most expensive of items. However, they can get pricey if you have to keep buying them because they didn’t last long due to poor quality, or weren’t quite right for your specific needs.

To help you choose the best gloves for you, we wanted to highlight a few key things to consider before you buy.

To Strap The Wrist Or Not Strap The Wrist, That Is The Question

Consider the wrist strap. Do you suffer from joint pain? Are you getting into weight training later in life? Will it be your first time lifting weights? Do you lift exceptionally heavy loads? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you’re probably the perfect candidate for weightlifting gloves with wrist straps.

Wrist straps are great and we strongly endorse them. However, we also get that some guys prefer more minimalist support and don’t like things on their wrists. Therefore, we’ve also found some quality gloves without these straps that you can check out too.

Although, we feel these would be needed for the older weightlifters out there without question.

Protection Type

You may also want to consider the type of protection that the weightlifting gloves afford. For many people, the type and extent of the padding is the most important aspect of any weightlifting glove. Check out what materials were used and where the padding is added.

Do you want double padding? Do you want the thumb to be padded? Perhaps, you want to limit the padding and enjoy more mobility and feel?

The breathable capabilities of gym gloves is another important thing to think over. Obviously, it’s a gym and you’re allowed to get sweaty without too much judgment. However, having extremely moist gloves may cause you to get skin irritation, worsen your grip, and affect your form. Heck, they may even make your gloves stink.

If you’ve been trying to get the attention of the attractive girl at the gym reception, having smelly gloves is definitely going to do it. It’ll just be for the wrong reasons.

Size Matters…Sometimes

Another important consideration is the size of the gloves and how to make sure you get perfectly fitted gloves. There is normally some wiggle room because most gloves fasten with Velcro. Velcro is great because it means you can give your gloves a more personal fitting.

However, this topic requires more detail so we’ve added a section on just that too. In any case, the size of the glove can be a huge thing to consider due to possible slippage. Imagine having your gloves on only to see them slip off as you pick up some high weight.

Not only is this a bad thing for the weights, but you could injure anything under the weight including yourself. Proper size not only matters, but it’s also a massive need to consider.

Are Weight Lifting Gloves Comfortable?

Weightlifting gloves for men can be comfortable, but they can also be irritating. As we just mentioned, If you get weightlifting gloves made with a poor choice of material, it can be costly.

The same situation comes up with those that are overly padded without adding some sort of ventilation.

You can get skin irritation from the build-up of sweat. This will make wearing them very uncomfortable, as well as any gloves if we’re being honest. To make sure you get comfortable weightlifting gloves for men that aren’t going to have you itching to finish your grueling workout, you need the right balance of support, padding, and ventilation.

Another way to make sure your weight lifting gloves are comfortable is to buy weightlifting gloves that fit your hands perfectly.

How Do I Find The Right Size Weight Lifting Gloves?

To get all the safety and performance benefits we mentioned earlier, you’ll have to make sure you buy a pair of weightlifting gloves for men that fit you properly. Men are usually guilty of “knowing their size” and you’re probably mentally telling yourself “medium” as you read this sentence.

Learn from your past mistakes – it’s time to get measuring!

To know what weightlifting gloves for men you need, you have to measure the circumference of your hand from just below your knuckles. Don’t include your thumb in this measurement. Now you know your size you’ll be able to measure up against the size guides provided by the best weightlifting glove manufacturers.

This is an important consideration, so most manufacturers supply this at their checkouts. The 12 awesome options below all have one! Some manufacturer may have a ‘small’ size that’s equivalent to another’s ‘medium’ size. Always consult their sizing guides even if this isn’t your first pair of weightlifting gloves.

You swear you measured right? They fit before! Why don’t they now! Even some of the best quality weightlifting gloves for men aren’t machine-washable. This means you need to make sure you check this little but important detail.

Machine washing and tumble drying can shrink them significantly and damage some Velcro straps.

You can thank us later.

What Is The Best Thing To Do If The Wrist Tape Breaks On My Weightlifting Gloves?

The wrist tape is a common part of weightlifting gloves for men that falters first. You could attempt a cheap home-made job of tidying things up yourself to get a few more sessions or weeks out of your gloves.

However, you can avoid becoming the subject of negative interior gym-goer monologues and save your image.

The way to do this is with a new quality pair of weightlifting gloves for men. It just so happens we’ve got 12 awesome weightlifting gloves to choose from below. Plus, the price on every single one is reasonable and well worth the investment.

When has Men’s Gear ever steered you wrong, right?

That’s Our Set of 12 Done, Now It’s Your Turn…

We’ve taken the weight off of your shoulders by researching the best weightlifting gloves for men currently on the market. There’s a lot to think about and many different features to ponder over. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to show you 12 outstanding options for all types of gym-going guys.

Whether you’re getting into weight training for the first time or are a professional bodybuilder, these exercise gloves can be a fantastic addition to your gym arsenal.

Thanks for your attention. Remember to keep our key considerations in mind when buying such gloves and we wish you well on your fitness journey to becoming The Hulk!