If like so many of us your garage is your man cave, you definitely keep your gadgets there, right? Well, we have a list of stuff that would go perfectly in a man cave like yours, so keep reading.

1. Even if you’re not that into high tech, you’ll love a good 3D printer in the garage. You can not only make tons of cool stuff but also make money. You can download ready designs off the internet, or do it yourself! Plus, this is a genius way to occupy kids and teach them a thing or two about technology. If you are looking for one, 3D printer UK has loads of options to offer. Small tabletop models, big industrial models. Whatever you’d like to have, the market is full of them. You can make anything from simple hooks to hang your gym gear to car parts and various moldings.

2. A signal booster is a great way to solve your connection problems. If you are going to be serious about your man cave, you need a cell phone signal booster to make sure you have fast internet available anytime. As this device works on a certain frequency to enhance your weak signal, it may vary from country to country. A mobile phone booster in Australia needs might be different from a cell phone signal booster in the USA. Mobile signal boosters can also vary according to their coverage, the signal they enhance, and operators they support. So make sure to do your research before getting one.

3. Great sound system. Remember when you were 15 and your parents wouldn’t allow you to crank the huge speakers up in the house? Well, now it’s the same with your wife and kids, right? Otherwise, there would be no need to recede to the garage. But anyway, a great sound system will give you an opportunity to relax and listen to your music for a change, instead of the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack for the gazillionth time. Everyone needs a break. Enjoy.

4. This is not really a gadget, strictly speaking, but you might still want to have it around. If your garage space is a little tight, you might want a stop sign. It sits on a long rod and when you park and hit the rod, the sign lights up. Again, this is very useful when you have very little space to maneuver.

5. Gym equipment. It’s not easy to find a quiet place to work out in the house, so the garage is the perfect solution. You can have a bench press machine, just to blow off steam and have some alone time, you can have weights, and even a treadmill if you have some space left!

There are tons of cool ideas you can try for your garage. Do some research before you buy any of the above and your garage will truly transform into a proper man cave!