here’s a denim look for everyone, but it’s essential to get the right style. Pick the wrong type of jeans and you’ll end up looking like Jeremy Clarkson on a bad day – and no-one wants to end up like that. It’s stressful for that to occur, so why not de-stress. Better yet, why not try out distressed jeans for men when it comes to your style?

You might be new to them, and that’s okay. We’re here to help at Men’s Gear, so take a journey with us.

You need something updated, right? If you’ve clung on desperately to your hip-hop baggies, dude, come on!

It’s not just the style of the jeans which counts, you’ll also need to consider the color. Don’t even consider white jeans unless you’re trying to channel the style of a European exchange student. The same applies to any colored jeans. Take the red pants out of your basket and slowly step away, Carl!

If it’s a no to white and most colored denim, what jeans actually hit the mark? Let us save you from a lifetime of celibacy by introducing you to distressed jeans for men.

There are some that look like you’ve wrestled a crocodile, while some look gently worn-out. The overall style varies, of course. If you’ve been clinging on desperately to your MC Hammer pants, follow Elsa’s lead. Oh you know, “let it gooooo!”

If you’re feeling lost in the vast range of distressed jeans available, there’s some good news. We’ve dug around to find what we think are the very best 12 pairs of distressed jeans for men in a range of styles with something for every guy!

What are the main things to consider when buying distressed jeans for men?

The idea is that distressed jeans for men look as if they’ve developed frays and whiskering as well as holes and fading. However, that process we earned in the 1990s took us wearing them for years through a ton of crap.

That means you’re going to have to cut the corner and buy in jeans that have already been distressed.

There are lots of different ways that a pair of jeans can be distressed. Extreme designs leave the knees exposed and show off bare skin. Meanwhile, you also have simple denim. which is just faded in a few strategic spots. If you’ve never worn distressed jeans for men before, you might want to start off gently and work your way up.

You don’t need to look like you’ve had a fight with your clothes…and lost.

We only ask you to do one thing…don’t go too far. From paint-spattering to rips and fading, there are many styles of distressed jeans but you don’t want them all together in one. If you’ve got a pair that’s distressed heavily in multiple ways, they’ll look as if they’d be better off chucked in the bin.

There’s a fine line between being fashionably faded to looking like you haven’t changed your pants in a year.

Another factor that’s worth considering is the style of the jeans. You might normally prefer to wear a looser cut but when you opt for a distressed finish. This can work, as well as slim-fit and others. However, a popular style now happens to be skinny jeans.

We’ll go over a ton below, so don’t worry about this only being about the skinny jean type.

What’s the best way to wear distressed jeans for men?

Distressed jeans for men are a versatile look with the one exception. They’re not exactly proper for the days when you need to dress up. Some styles of jeans can work really well on smart occasions but distressed jeans don’t really fit the bill.

However, outside of this situation, you can wear your distressed jeans with lots of different shirt and jacket combos. You want a look that’s fresh and fun, so go for it whenever you can! We could help some, however.

Skinny-fit jeans are one of the most versatile designs around if you prefer them. Although, again, there are several styles to choose from. However, the most popular distressed jeans for men seem to always revolve around the skinny jean type. Despite this, there are several more.

If you do opt for the skinny type, be careful. You do not want to get too tight where you’ll feel like the outline of your male parts is capable of being seen. Nor do you want to go too tight where you cannot move freely or bend over without them ripping.

We’re not women, so we can afford to get something looser even in the skinny jean format. How you wear your distressed jeans depends on the style that you’ve chosen but you could opt for some of the following:

Dressing it down:

If you’re slipping into a pair of distressed jeans for men that you can wear in the daytime wear, you don’t want to look too dressed-up. Distressed jeans can be paired with a simple T-shirt and sneakers. If you’re a rock dude, a slogan tee in dark colors paired with shredded black jeans will show off your style.

Meanwhile, they’ll also be comfortable to wear.

For a more college, preppy look, you can match with a plain white T-shirt and low tops and you’ll be ready to roll. You could also go for the simple idea of a nice graphic t-shirt, simple shoes like Converse, and a cool jacket. These things can work with hoodies or any form of random wear.

For Sunday lunch:

If you’re meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time or just want to smarten things up a bit, you can choose a men’s casual blazer to accompany your denim. Make sure it’s a blazer and not a suit jacket.

They are not the same thing. We know, we just blew your mind here, but follow us.

Blazers are less formal and complement the style of distressed jeans for men perfectly. Make sure you get a pair of nice shoes to wear, after all, you’re looking for Sunday best here. You could also get a nice silk tie paired with a dress shirt, tucked into the jeans. This look will be completely formal or business casual.

It’ll also look perfect with the jeans.

We advise if you have blue distressed jeans, go for a dark blue dress shirt and simple black tie. For darker pants, a lighter dress shirt with even a pink tie could go well. It’s truly up to you to mix and match until you’re happy.

Cooler weather:

The weather has this annoying habit of interfering with the look we want to rock. However, with distressed jeans for men, you can layer up and still look great. A hoodie is ideal with distressed denim, whatever your age. If the temperature is lower, you could always throw a leather jacket over the top too.

Of course, you could simply wear the leather jacket isolated from the hoody as well. It’s up to you really.

Every guy should have a leather jacket in his closet that works with everything from shirts to sweaters. A leather jacket is a really good partner for distressed jeans. It connects with the vintage style while keeping you warm. Suck on that Mother Nature…

Are they going out of fashion any time soon?

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of pants only to discover it’s a look that everyone’s ditched. We’re sorry Fedora, we loved you. We’ll always have Jason Mraz, right?

Faded, ripped, and frayed jeans are a look that’s not about to disappear anytime soon. Therefore, distressed jeans for men are likely to be great for a long time.

Other styles may come and go but aged jeans have been around for as long as we can remember. There’s something very masculine about a pair of jeans that are well-worn, hinting at manly activities such as chopping wood, DIY, fishing. You know, the manliest of manly man things!

The distressed jeans for men allow you to make a true statement. It’s equivalent to beating your chest and flexing your muscles, all in a show-off mode.

Whether you buy an on-trend pair of super-shredded jeans or play it cool with a subtly-faded and frayed pair, there’s never going to be a time when you’ll have to hide them away. Rockstars like Kurt Cobain and the Sex Pistols made them iconic and they have remained there ever since.

Today, people like the musical artist and part-time crazy man Kanye West wears them and even the likes of actor Tom Hardy have sported them proudly.

If you’re ready to roll out your fresh new look, all that remains is to pick the right pair for you. As always, we’re here to help with our list of 12 hot styles of distressed jeans for men that we think you’re going to love.

1) Enrica Distressed Destroyed Ripped Straight-Fit Jeans

Brand Name
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There’s no hanging around here as we’re straight in with a pair of jeans we think are a top contender. Nicely shredded without sporting vast bare patches of skin, don’t be put off by the description for them as “destroyed”. Authentic fraying makes these jeans look as if they’ve been worn in over time.

You know, rather than being attacked by a butcher’s knife as they left the production line.

They are available in a selection of washes for various purposes. However, we like the vintage tones. Yet if you prefer a slightly less grungey look, there’s a variety of blue colors to choose from.

There’s a small amount of stretch to these distressed jeans for men but not too much, Meaning, if you normally order yours in a smaller size to get a tight fit, think carefully. This pair from Enrica is NOT a skinny jean version. Rather, they are straight-fit, a form that offers a clingy and nicely tapered silhouette.

This type is ideal for larger-thighed men or those who prefer a looser style.

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  • Suitable for larger men
  • Not too clingy
  • Selection of washes available
  • Good quality denim
  • Generous length
  • Small pockets
  • Not very stretchy so tough to get a close fit


2) ZLZ Distressed Destroyed Skinny Stretch Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

These jeans from ZLZ are similar to our first pair with a decent amount of distressing that doesn’t go too crazy. However, you’ll find the fraying runs vertically in ladders rather than wide strips horizontally. This gives these jeans a different look than many others on the market.

It’s a flattering look for anyone and if you’re a larger guy, it’s especially useful. There are none of the nasty flesh-bulging moments where the denim cuts into your skin. Rather, it’s just a nice stretch to accommodate your generous proportions.

This elasticity is one of the real plus points of these jeans. Gently stretching, it allows a close fit on the legs without ever biting into your skin. If you’ve never dared to try skinny jeans, the fit of these could be a revelation. The waistband is fairly generous so you might need to downsize if you want to avoid the need to wear a belt.

A zip fly and soft denim make these distressed jeans for men comfortable to wear, especially with the triple-stitched seams for long-lasting toughness.

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  • Color won’t fade with washing
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Excellent stretch
  • Suitable for larger guys too
  • Check the sizing guide carefully
  • Legs could be too long for some


3) NITAGUT Ripped Tapered Slim-Fit Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

With a mix of 70% and 30% polyester, there’s a decent stretch to our next pair of skinny jeans. Despite this, you still won’t squeeze into them if you’re built on the larger side. Only available in a limited number of sizes, you might need to size up on these particularly if you’re edging closer to the next size up.

It’s not just a dad bod that will make these a no-go, they’re also not cut for guys with meaty thighs. If you do fit into them, they won’t be too much of a snug or tight fit. That means these distressed jeans for men are a more relaxed fit for the slender breed amongst us. Confusing or what?!

However, there’s no such puzzlement over the distressed look because dang it, these jeans just look great. With a nice mixture of snags, frays, and rips it looks like these are an old favorite that you’re hauling out of your closet rather than buying new.

That’s just the way we want our distressed jeans to look. Clearly, maker NITAGUT has really hit the mark with the appearance here.

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  • Mid-rise waist is comfortable and flattering
  • Breathable and sweat-absorbent fabric
  • Soft denim
  • Well-positioned rips
  • Not great for larger thighs
  • Limited size range


4) YTD Ripped Slim-Fit Moto Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

If you’ve been waiting for a pair of distressed jeans for men to jump up and grab your attention, this pair from YTD will do the job nicely. Quirky and attention-grabbing, you will stand out for all the right reasons. With darker denim but with the essential distressing, they offer a vintage style with a modern twist.

The frayed patches are the key to the look as they’re colored. Yes, you heard that right. The patches are mustard, lilac and blue – yes, really. However, it’s not quite as dazzling as it sounds as they offer a nice contrast to the dark, distressed denim.

A low-rising pair of distressed jeans for men, these are comfortable to wear with a straight thigh and a slimmer, more tapered calf. This makes them easy to wear and avoids the dreaded spray-paint look around the crotch. A more rigid type of denim, these are tough and strong.

This allows them to offer great durability despite their high-fashion look.

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  • Striking and fresh look
  • Colorful design
  • Low-rise waist
  • Generously-sized pockets
  • Bold style won’t suit everyone
  • Doesn’t offer a snug fit all over


5) Hollister Super-Skinny Stretch Stacked Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

Hollister offers another fresh take on the skinny jean style with this pair of jeans that offer a different silhouette. Rather than the tight, sleek outline, these pants deliberately bunch up at the ankle. Designed to be several inches longer than a regular pair, the surplus denim stacks up above the ankle to create the distinctive look.

This is coupled with a faded and frayed look, providing a vintage appearance which isn’t quite as extreme as other ripped denim. The Hollister brand knows how to make proper jeans, so it’s no shock that they bring us a perfect pair of distressed jeans for men.

Made with a combination of fibers, these jeans are elastic and stretchy. Meaning, even though they’re described accurately as a super-skinny fit, you won’t find it a struggle to get into them. The fabric is very forgiving, once they’re on, they provide a nice cling in all the right places.

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  • Unique and stylish stacked look
  • Stretchy feel for comfort
  • True to size fit
  • Good quality denim
  • Not as comfortable worn with tall boots
  • Only minimal rips and frays


6) Hollister Super-Skinny Advanced Stretch Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

If you find regular skinny jeans a little too flappy and loose, Hollister has a pair that could fit just right. These super-skinny jeans have a narrow opening, with a leg of just 12.75 inches. Although some reviewers felt it was even smaller than that.

Designed to be snug and clingy (obviously), these distressed jeans for men have the iconic five-pocket look in a medium light wash. Oh yes, is it ever skinny from top to bottom. If you’re beefier in the thigh, you might want to size up.

You’ll also need to be prepared to put the stretchiness of these jeans to the test.

The distressing on these jeans is very light so if you want to avoid looking as if Edward Scissorhands had attempted to slide into denim, these are a top pick. There’s only one real patch of fraying which is authentically over the knee.

Other areas have some small snags and wear but overall, it’s a modest take on the distressed theme.

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  • Light distressed finish makes them more versatile
  • Very stretchy and comfy to wear
  • Soft fabric
  • Snug fit all over
  • 35 waist and length size combinations
  • Not always true to size
  • Too narrow for larger men


7) Qazel Vorrlon Destroyed Slim-Fit Jeans

Brand Name
Qazel Vorrlon
Model Number

If you like your jeans to be more destroyed than simply distressed, Qazel Vorrlon has captured the look. These pants aren’t just a bit torn, they’re pretty much missing both knees. However, this kind of ultra-ripped style has a timeless quality so you won’t be guilty of buying an item that’s simply on-trend.

These distressed jeans for men make a statement for sure. However, the distressing and ripping looks so authentic, they simply appear like a much-loved pair of pants.

The extra space created by the torn-out knees provides more flexibility, making these jeans super-comfy to wear. They’re a slim-fit style but the ripped design offers mobility than other skinny denim doesn’t have. They’re 90% cotton with a dash of spandex thrown in, providing elasticity and some stretch.

We feel this is a terrific combination.

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  • On-trend destroyed style
  • Soft-touch fabric
  • Stretchy for comfort
  • Includes sizes for larger men
  • Extreme ripped look won’t please everyone
  • Not always true to size


8) Dovee Destroyed Patched Zipper Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

We should begin by saying these skinny jeans are really TIGHT. Think of Henry Cavill’s no-blushes-spared Superman outfit and you’ll get a general idea. If you like your skinny jeans to be snug and close-fitting from top to bottom, you’ll love these.

It’s worth mentioning that these are sized for the Asian market so you might need to size up (maybe 3). This is especially the case if you’re packing some leg muscles and still want to squeeze into a pair.

The distressing on these jeans is simply magnificent, pairing the shredded look with a more practical solution. Both the knees have been ripped out comprehensively. Rather than expose your bare flesh, there’s a large patchwork area which even comes in a complementary blue, matching the overall jean appearance.

The combination of fashion and function work well, without the random gusts of wind affecting the knee areas.

At the bottom of these distressed jeans for men, you’ll spot a zip. This is positioned in the front of the leg and is a pretty substantial size. As well as being an attractive accent, the zip provides a purpose as well. This makes it possible to open out the bottom of the jeans and offer a bit more width.

These jeans might be stylish, fashionable, and with a clever design. We certainly love them, but you’ll certainly want to size up, as more room is needed.

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  • Interesting patchwork knee design
  • Zipped legs make it easier to get jeans on
  • Very snug style
  • Tough and durable
  • Too tight for some to wear
  • Limited and unpredictable sizing


9) Norame Distressed Zipped Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

Just when you think you’ve found one unique design feature, another one comes along – or at least that’s what’s happened here. This pair of distressed jeans for men also has a zip on the legs, albeit in a slightly different place. Gently distressed on the legs, fraying rather than complete ripped holes, the main feature of these jeans is the knees.

Across both legs are heavyweight zips that open the front of the jeans but doesn’t go all the way round to the back. This prevents uncomfortable chafing behind the knee while still adding a great feature.

The fit on these jeans is decidedly narrow but with an insane stretch it’s not as bad as it sounds. These are a pencil-slim fit but without being so tight that they’re unmanageable for mortal men. As an Asian-manufactured pair of jeans, it’s recommended that you size up a bit to get a comfortable fit.

A general rule for most American men is 2 to 3 sizes above the Asian sizing chart.

There’s only a limited range of sizes and nothing for the bigger guys. That said, this does restrict the potential market for what would otherwise be a really popular choice.

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  • Unusual zipped feature
  • Great stretch
  • Gentle distressing
  • High-quality denim
  • Only limited range of sizes
  • Not always a true fit for size


10) Hollister Skinny Extreme Stretch Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

There’s something about Hollister’s jeans that is simply irresistible. With a variety of styles, leg lengths, and sizes, they’ve won rave reviews from many of their customers.

This entry showcases their distressed jeans for men known as Extreme Stretch, a pair of pants that includes the greatest possible stretch possible. You’ll still get the same look of vintage denim but the stretchiness of the denim means that they’re comfy and easy to wear.

Hollister appears to have found how to make a snug fit without cutting into the groin. The denim flexes and moves with you, rather than sitting rigidly, making these jeans so comfortable you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them!

There’s a moderate amount of distressing with these jeans, with a combination of fraying, shredding, and holes. On one leg you’ll have bare skin clearly visible with only minimal material covering it up. In addition to this, there are also large areas of fraying across the tops of both legs.

Meaning you’ll see some vintage appearance here.

With four different washes available, three leg lengths, and nine waist measurements, you’ll certainly have a choice. Unfortunately, the waist sizes only go up to 36”. Meaning if you need a larger size, you’re outta luck. With these, select either the Ripped Medium Wash style or the Ripped & Repaired style.

The company also offers the same jeans without the fashionable rips and tears you’re looking for.

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  • Great stretchy style
  • Variety of leg and waist lengths
  • Vintage design
  • Attractive fray and distressing
  • No larger waist sizes
  • Tighter style won’t suit everyone


11) H&M Skinny Trashed jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

One of the high street fashion heavyweights in H&M is here to show off a bit True to form, H&M have found a different way to describe their denim, referring to it as “trashed” rather than distressed. Whatever you want to call it, this pair of jeans has definitely been through the wringer with a vintage appearance that’s undeniable.

H&M has recreated the iconic cheese-grater style off jeans. Rather than simply ripping out a large chunk of fabric from the knee, they’ve attacked the whole leg uniformly. This gives off the impression that the legs have been shredded from top to bottom.

With repeated slashes horizontally starting from the top of the thigh and extending all the way down to just below the knee, this is a classic ripped jean look. Classic and impressive to see in distressed jeans for men, H&M add their signature fashion twist to the patchwork.

They decide to expose an entire leg!

This fabric patchwork is made from a medium blue color, making it unobtrusive and subtle while still providing practical backing. The fit is skinny for the whole leg from thigh to ankle but there’s generous sizing, up to a 42” so if you need to size up to get a bit of extra width, there’s capacity.

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  • Stylish fabric patching
  • Great range of sizes
  • Runs true to fit
  • Authentic button fly and five-pocket design
  • Heavy distressing won’t suit all
  • Shorter in the leg than some other brands


12) Nordstrom Slim-Fit Windsor Jeans

Brand Name
Model Number

Nordstrom truly brings it with these distressed jeans for men, that is for certain. Some will view these jeans as the product of an interior design accident, while others will adore the fashion-forward look. While it’s true that these jeans have been deliberately designed to look as if there’s paint spilled all over them, we can’t help but love them.

Nothing makes us feel more manly than a hint of physical labor. With these jeans, you don’t even have to lift a finger to get the look. What’s there not to like?!

Aside from the massive white staining down the front of the jeans, Nordstrom has thrown in a decent amount of fraying and whiskering too, just for good measure. Some distressed jeans are subtle enough to work for a smart casual look but these might be tough there.

Nordstrom aimed for the ripped and repaired look here, which seems evident in the style.

There’s a fairly limited size range for these jeans but you probably won’t need to size up. They’re generously fitted around the waist, hips, and thighs before tapering down to a much narrower ankle. This is a very wearable style of skinny jeans.

This will suit most guys, whether slender or stacked.

One downside is that they’re more expensive than many of the other jeans on our list. However, these jeans could be a nice treat just for you. We all need that sometimes.

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  • Striking and bold design
  • Comfortable styling
  • Luxury and high-quality denim
  • Fits true to size
  • Much more expensive than other brands
  • Narrow range of sizes


No stress over distress!

That’s all folks!

These 12 pairs of distressed jeans for men offer a great on-trend look in a very wearable way. While we like to look good, we won’t sacrifice our comfort. What self-respecting guy would ever do so anyway? With all of these jeans, you won’t have to. It’s time to pack away your dad denim and invest in a new pair of distressed jeans.

The magic ingredient in all of this is their purely impressive style and range of them.

Remember to make sure you always pay attention when you’re pulling on your distressed jeans. You might scoff at the suggestion, after all, we’re pretty sure you learned how to dress yourself years ago! However, accidentally sticking your feet through the rip-holes is common.

We’d know, we’ve done it!

Get into your distressed jeans for men with style. You know, by NOT ripping them further due to not watching your step.