As more EVs make their way out of the concept stages and into production, aftermarket customization groups like Tonke are gearing up for sustainability. The Dutch RV group just added new models geared for nomads who prefer a green alternative to traditional campers. The flagship is the EQV Adventure which is great for bigger groups.

The donor vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz EQV – an electric van replete with luxurious appointments and outstanding performance. Powering its 150 kW electric motor is a 100 kWh (90 kWh usable) battery unit. A full charge should get you up to 224 miles before it needs to hook up and recharge.

Its AIRMATIC suspension system ensures outstanding comfort on every trip aboard the EQV Adventure. Inside, the default configuration can easily seat up to five. Tonke gives buyers the option to accommodate up to seven, but you lose some of the functionalities available on the standard trim.

You can fold down the rear seats to turn them into a bed that can sleep up to two depending on their body sizes. If your party calls for more space, the pop-up roof expands the headroom and adds another sleeping area for two more. Don’t forget to add the pull-out kitchen to your EQV Adventure.

Tonke positions the cooking equipment at the rear of the van. This location is ideal since the tailgate turns into a makeshift cover just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. These are just some of the features owners can expect from their EQV Adventure. When it comes to optional upgrades, Tonke has plenty more to offer so you can kit out the EV according to what you need.

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Images courtesy of Tonke