Since EVs are technically running on batteries, it makes sense that carmakers are also at CES 2022. We already know the big players will have all their latest projects on show. However, the expo is an awesome launching point for startups like TOGG which debuted an autonomous concept. They’re calling it Transition Concept Smart Device.

Now that almost every manufacturer has a sustainable platform, advancements in self-driving technology are the next big step. Only a few commercially available EVs currently have AI-driven systems but are still under heavy scrutiny by regulators.

Perhaps TOGG has something innovative in development, but we have to wait until late 2023 to see their first machine hit the streets. The unnamed EV will be a compact SUV which will be followed by four different models for other segments. Perhaps, one of those could be the Transition Concept Smart Device.

The recent event showcased the five-door fastback. According to sources, the Turkish firm tapped legendary Italian design firm Pininfarina to pen its sporty silhouette. There was no clear confirmation that this will ever hit production, but we sure hope it does. Design-wise, there’s really nothing outstanding about the exterior.

Nonetheless, we like how it takes cues from luxury four-door rides with its suicide doors. You’ll notice that the B-pillar is absent and will facilitate easier entry and exit for all occupants. Inside, the Transition Concept Smart Device opts for a digital display that spans the entire length of the dash.

Moreover, instead of integrating all functions, a standalone infotainment module is visible just below the center AC vents. We can see leather upholstery and what could be an Alcantara headliner in the cabin. Let’s hope TOGG shares more details about the Transition Concept Smart Device soon.

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Images courtesy of TOGG