It can be a problem to find a good spot to place your drinks without having to worry about it tipping over. Especially when you’re on the move, you certainly don’t want it spilled. Good thing there’s the Toadfish Anchor, which lives up to its name when it comes to keeping your beverage upright.

This is a universal cup holder that boasts strong suction power on any smooth, flat surface: be it on concrete, wood, tiles, or plastic. The suction prevents your drink from getting knocked over in almost any situation or movement. This makes it an ideal outdoor gear especially when you’re out biking, on a boat, kayaking, paddleboarding, or surfing. Even while jamming to your favorite song on a rocking chair. You can even place it on the door of your refrigerator and it won’t fall off. This is especially handy for parents who have a very finicky or curious baby.

The Toadfish Anchor features a Smartgrip suction base that keeps your beverage upright while being rocked or hit. What it does is trap a small volume of air in order to create a vacuum that locks the holder in place. The suction may be tough on the tip but is easy on the lift. This is all thanks to its patented uni-directional suction design that allows you to pick up the holder from any direction.

Moreover, this cup or bottle holder has stainless steel walls with a durable rubber interior that secures your beverage. It can fit most insulated water bottles and popular 16oz-32oz tumbler cup brands.

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Images courtesy of Toadfish Outfitters