The continuous release of retro-inspired products tells us the demand must be strong. Those who prefer a nostalgia trip need to know that some brands specialize in vintage aesthetics. For example, Tivoli Audio has a sizeable catalog of speakers and radios which resemble their classic counterparts. Their Songbook is a premium Bluetooth sound system perfect for blasting old-school tunes.

It measures 12” x 9” x 5” and weighs about 6.7 lbs. There’s even a folding carry handle to make transport a breeze. Tivoli Audio goes all in with the design as Songbook does away with modern control configurations. This means digital-sensor push buttons or touch-sensitive panels are out of the question here.

In fact, you won’t even find an LED display on this device. This seems a bit odd given it’s marketed as a Bluetooth speaker, but it’s all part of its charm. Instead, the manufacturer wants us to interact with the Songbook in an analog fashion as people did back in the day.

Output is rated at 40W and its housing holds a 3.5” full-range driver and a 3.5” woofer. It means your music playback – the classics or contemporary tracks – will be rich in detail. Meanwhile, the built-in pre-amp means you can plug in an electric guitar, turntable, keyboard, and other instruments that interface via quarter-inch jack cables.

To fine-tune the acoustics, there are three EQ sliders located below. To the right are the AUX input port, Amp/Line toggle switch, and On/Off toggle switch. To switch between AUX and BT functions and adjust the volume, you have dial knobs. Finally, a single LED status light is smack in the middle of your Songbook. It charges via USB-C and lasts up to 10 hours of continuous playback.

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Images courtesy of Tivoli Audio