This Grouper-style Titanium utility knife from Titaniumedcshop looks straight out of a science fiction movie. But more than having futuristic aesthetics, it does great as a pocketknife. 

It can easily cut, pierce, carve, and scrape even at its compact size of just 6.2.” It also has a slim silhouette at just 0.56″ to match its width of 1.3″ and lightweight design at just 79g. Handmade from titanium alloy, it stays comfortable in the hands and the pocket. It also has a titanium frame design for additional grip and for a smooth and chamfered edges for comfort

Titaniumedcshop’s Grouper-style Titanium utility knife employs a cool opening mechanism. It opens and closes smoothly using ball-bearing pivots. You can deploy the blade in as quick as 0.5 seconds and it stays that way no matter how long you have been using it. Best of all, its TAJIMA V-REXII blade is replaceable. When it loses its sharpness or becomes blunt, or stained, you can easily swap it out for a new one. 

Speaking of the blade, this folder then can take on small and heavy tasks then. This is a premium tempered steel blade that comes with a razor-sharp cutting edge and is optimized for drywall and other heavy-duty cutting and scoring tasks. 

Moreover, Titaniumedcshop’s Grouper-style Titanium utility knife features a built-in carabiner for added portability. This flip knife is great survival gear too because it comes with a tungsten carbide glass breaker and seat belt cutter. It is available in Black, Silver, or what others call Rainbow finish. 

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Images courtesy of Titaniumedcshop