It’s a fact that over time, our bodies begin to deteriorate. Hence, health experts recommend that we regularly get some exercise to stay in shape. If not, we tend to lose muscle mass and our joints begin to ache. However, advancements in robotics are here to augment the activities of outdoor enthusiasts like you. This is the Hypershell!

Some of you might be thinking about surgical procedures, but the company is assuring us there are none. You see, the Hypershell is a wearable exoskeleton engineered to help those who might need some assistance during their expeditions. Moreover, everything is packaged in a compact form factor unlike most of the concepts we’ve seen in the past.

This bad boy easily hooks up to your body via a belt and leg straps and is a one-size-fits-all affair. Moreover, there are three versions available which provide varying levels of support and features. The most basic is the Go which is outfitted with a 400W motor and five modes. It can last up to 9.32 miles on a single charge with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph.

Up next are the Pro and Carbon variants. Both are equipped with an 800W motor with nine adaptive modes. The range on a full charge is 15.5 miles, while the maximum speed is rated at 12.43 mph. The Hypershell is designed in a way that it adapts to your natural walking and running gait.

An array of sensors ensures the user does not lose their sense of balance. The Hypershell can offset up to 66.14 lbs. which allows users to carry more gear for longer periods of time. “You can go further, climb higher mountains, run faster, and carry more along the way, or simply walk with less effort,” reads the product page.

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Images courtesy of Hypershell