The Mjolnir Ti is more than just a ruggedly stylish piece of jewelry. It is a versatile dual-purpose tool that can help you out in emergency situations both indoors and outdoors.

This CNC-machined jewelry is inspired by Norse mythology with “Mjolnir” referring to Thor’s mighty hammer and Loki’s cunning deception. Meanwhile, Ti stands for the pendant’s material, which is Grade 5 titanium alloy. Using titanium makes the pendant strong it is almost unbreakable, lightweight, rust-proof, and hypoallergenic. 

The Mjolnir Ti is made for survival and it comes in two designs named after the two brothers Thor and Loki. The Thor pendant is themed after the God of Thunder as such it hides a firestarter with a replaceable flint inside. The pendant’s sharp edges serve as flint ignition and it is water-resistant. It also comes with magnets to keep the firestarter in place unless you twist it to open.

The Loki pendant, on the other hand, features a replaceable survival blade that is strong and sharp enough to cut through seatbelts. Unscrew the cap of the pendant to reveal the blade on one end and an Allen screw on the other to help remove the blade. The screw comes with a ridged point for a good grip.

Moreover, the Thor and Loki versions of the Mjolnir Ti come in different coatings: genuine titanium silver and titanium black plasma coating. They are also both compact with the Thor and Loki measuring 1.85″ and 1.38″ long, respectively. The Loki pendant has a diameter thickness of 0.28″ and is lighter at just 4g than the Thor pendant at 14g and 0.26″ thick.  

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Images courtesy of Mjolnir Ti