Malboro & Kane wants you to do more with less with its series of EDC built small but terrible. It’s their mission to make the tiniest yet elegant and simple multitools imaginable that will last a lifetime. Take their latest offering, the Slash blade, which they dubbed as the “world’s smallest blade.”

The Slash joins the company’s range of minimal EDC with its very tiny footprint at a length of just 0.3″ and height of 1.3″. A sturdy pinch of the fingers is all it takes to bring this blade to work. It is made to be used in the smoothest way possible as it perfectly curves to the shape of your finger.

Malboro & Kane’s Slash blade never needs resharpening. It stays sharp forever thanks to its metal shell. It is made from tungsten, the hardest metal on earth that can only be scratched by diamond. It never blunts or dulls from the edge, this way giving you the perfect cut or slice every time. 

A curved push point on the smooth, rounded edge of the blade lets you apply extra force with your pointer finger for a controlled or precise cut. This EDC is quite discreet. It looks like a pill when the blade is hidden and you simply unscrew its lid to get it to work.

The design comes with a self-tightening silicone made to reinforce the closure by pushing against the inside of the lid for a secure and fitted fastening. As you screw it close, it is vacuum sealed and pushes against the thread to prevent it from accidentally opening.  Meanwhile, when capped, Malboro & Kane’s Slash Slash blade is safe in the hands because its surface and edges are smooth and not sharp. 

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Images courtesy of Malboro & Kane