The Roxon FLEX offers the flexibility of a modular multi-tool that lets you customize your EDC according to your needs. It features a base frame where you can add 10 or fewer tools of your choice and swap the pieces again whenever required. This modularity lets you slim down on your carry so you can bring only the required tools that adapt to any situation.

At the heart of this design is the stainless steel frame that’s divided into two sections and connected by a fold-out set of steel pliers. Each of the sections can hold five compatible individual tools and they can be separated by plastic spacers (there are 10) to support other tools or provide aesthetic appeal.

The Roxon FLEX offers over 30 utility tools including various blades, screwdrivers, wrenches and file and many more in development. The base frame also offers wire cutters and other useful tools like a bottle opener, scissors, ruler, awl, fish scaler, magnetic bit driver and a wire stripper.

Conveniently access the tools with just a swipe of your thumb and they lock firmly in place when deployed for safety during use. They also unlock easily when closing or swapping out tools. Moreover, a safety lock ensures these tools don’t slip out from hiding when not in use.

There’s also the curved handle with round edges for a superior balance of weight, offering ergonomic and comfortable grip during use.  Aside from the option to customize your own tools, the makers of the Roxon FLEX also have what they call the open-source STEP files, which allows users to 3D print their custom tools and add them to the base frame. 

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Images courtesy of Roxon Tool