Titaner is no stranger to crafting utility tools or pocket knives that offer not just functional versatility but also extreme portability. Its latest release, the Tiflex, is so tiny it can be used with just two fingers. But like ants, it packs a painful and sharp bite. 

This folder is designed to be compact it can dangle from a keychain or used as a pendant. But unlike other keychain knives that tend to be short on the handle, this one boasts a sizable long handle measuring 2.1″ and along with the blade, clocks at 3.7″ from the tip to base. 

The Tiflex is surely small but easy to operate even with just one hand. It features an ergonomic operating fin that effortlessly deploys the bade for quick access. This knife is compatible with several scalpel blades because of its streamlined widened end. A #12 blade with its hook design offers precision with each cutting, slicing, or sharpening tasks as it functions very well even in tight spaces.

Not to mention, the curved sharp blade also serves as a robust self-defense weapon or as a survival tool during emergencies. It can easily cut through ropes, seatbelts, and clothing. Of course, Titaner also guaranteed safety with this mini knife. The operating fin doubles as a protective barrier that prevents the finger from coming to close to the blade when applying pressure. This way, keeping accidental cuts at bay.

This safety feature benefits from the elasticity of the titanium frame, as well as to the tiny slots and ceramic beads incorporated within the pivot system. This system keeps the Tiflex securely locked in position when closed or open, to prevent unintentional openings and ensure smooth one-handed operation. As Titaner explained, “small openings caused by unintentional pressure will automatically rebound due to the safety structure, offering you peace of mind no matter where you attach this knife on the go.”

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Images courtesy of Titaner