A gentleman does not neglect his grooming routine. It may differ from one individual to another, but typically involves bathing, haircare, skincare, oral care, and shaving. The latter is essential for guys who prefer a clean-shaven look or want to keep their mustache and beard in check. It’s time to ditch disposable safety razors and upgrade to this premium option from TITANER.

Some of you might recognize the brand for its top-notch range of products such as knives, utensils, self-defense tools, and more. Now, they are expanding into other segments which include this new safety razor handle. You can also grab a special razor stand to proudly display it when not in use.

Instead of manufacturing their own blades, TITANER is engineering this for compatibility with existing refills. If you’re already using Gillette’s Fusion 5 series, there are likely some extra heads in your cabinet somewhere. Plus, this makes replacement more accessible given the wide availability of the add-on.

Moreover, the quick-release mechanism makes the process smooth and easy. The safety razor handle is crafted out of TC4 titanium alloy. The metal is robust yet lightweight and ideal for bathroom use due to its superior resistance against corrosion. In fact, TITANER notes it tips the scales at only 61 grams or 64 grams with the refill attached.

The intrinsic properties of the metal along with proper usage suggest this tool will last a lifetime. TITANER offers several variants for this safety razor handle. The basic model includes Sand Blast and black DLC finishes. Meanwhile, there are four limited-edition styles: Fatherly Love, Meteorite Blue, Meteorite Gray, and The Starry Night.

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Images courtesy of TITANER