If you’re tired of paying your hard earned money for rent and you feel like you could experiment with a more mobile living arrangement, you might want to consider settling in The Tiny Leaf House – Version 3.

Built by Laird Herbert-a college instructor from Canada’s Yukon Territory, this is the third iteration of the Leaf House trailer, a modest yet eminently livable tiny home that allows you to be at home anywhere you can park it. Measuring 16 ft long, with a weight of 5,000 lbs and an interior floorspace of 97 sq ft, Version 3 was part built using sustainable & reclaimed materials, and it’s designed to take temperatures of -58 °F, keeping you warm in the cold season.

The mobile dwelling features Panasonic Vacuum insulation (floor & roof), quad-pane windows, energy-efficient electric radiant heaters, a Lunos E2 Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), and a 113-liter (30 gallon) water tank connected to a vent-free tankless propane water heater. The amenities include a Murphy bed, 2 radiant electric panels, kitchen with a compact fridge and freezer, an ultra-lightweight concrete countertop, shower and a custom bucket toilet.

Herbert is currently living (driving around) in this Tiny Leaf House, but word is that he will eventually put it up for sale for somewhere between US$30K-$40K (only materials cost around $30K).

The Tiny Leaf House Version 3 b

The Tiny Leaf House Version 3 c

The Tiny Leaf House Version 3 a