Colorado-based Timberleaf is already a familiar name for the outdoorsy crowd. They’ve been consistently making stylish and reliable trailers with modern amenities and uncompromising quality. Its latest, the Pika Teardrop, is another excellent entry in that lineup.

This awesome-looking camper combines comfort and compact design into one neat package. It’s 36% smaller than Timberleaf’s original model. That sounds like a downside at first, but is actually a good thing. That’s because most passenger vehicles can tow it.

At just 1,000 pounds, the Pika Teardrop is one of the most lightweight campers around. It’s built with aluminum sides, a clear-anodized top, and a robust yet still lightweight 54-inch x 96-inch frame.

You can choose between three editions: Classic, All-Road, or Off-Road, each with their own individual strengths — the Classic fares well in any highway adventure, the All-Road in more adventurous terrain, and the Off-Road for “whatever adventure awaits,” says Timberleaf.

You also get a bunch of options, including a double-size mattress, interior cargo storage with stretch netting, a huge skylight (perfect for stargazing), and LED lighting.

A smaller camper isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially for those seeking more space when out and about, but the Teardrop makes do with what it’s got, trimming the bulk and weight but still being able to offer utmost comfort for two people venturing out to the great outdoors. There’s even an integrated kitchen area with a dual countertop design, four USB ports, a GFI outlet, a 12V socket, and a refrigerator.

Pika pricing starts at $11,750. In addition to the three variants, Timberleaf offers a bunch of optional items, like solar panels, roof racks, and awnings.


Photos courtesy of Timberleaf