As efforts to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing, many companies adopt innovative green practices. Some big names in the footwear scene are making huge strides in curtailing unnecessary waste. It’s by integrating recycled and recyclable components into their products. Timberland’s new Men’s Earthkeepers by R Ræburn Timberloop utility boots, take it one step further.

We’ve already seen several awesome sustainable approaches from the likes of Adidas, Nike, and others. However, their shoes primarily promote the use of recycled plastics for various parts. What Timberland offers may seem similar at first, but it also focuses on what follows once your gear reaches its end of life.

Since these need to be tough to tackle the trails and rough terrain, various materials come into play. This poses a challenge for the recycling facility. Nevertheless,  the Men’s Earthkeepers by R Ræburn Timberloop has a system in place to aid in the process.

According to Timberland, “These hikers have a unique sole construction where with a cut of one seam, the outsoles can be taken off and each part ultimately put into its own unique recycling stream.” Moreover, the Men’s Earthkeepers by R Ræburn Timberloop minimizes the dependency on rubber cement.

While the upper is mainly made out of leather, it’s sourced “from a tannery rated silver by the Leather Working Group for its water, energy, and waste management practices.” Timberland likewise integrates reBOTL fabric which comes from recycled plastic.

The Men’s Earthkeepers by R Ræburn Timberloop boots feature an Ortholite footbed, an EVA foam midsole, and a natural rubber outsole. Once the shoes are no longer usable, owners can easily take them apart for proper recycling. Another option is to send them back to Timberland so they can do it for you.

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Images courtesy of Timberland