Rugged and luxury are two adjectives that usually don’t play well with one another. Whenever an RV is marketed as robust and ready for overlanding, it’s typically challenging to integrate opulence into the build. However, it might be possible to do so with an adventure trailer. Kimberly Kampers shares how they pulled it off with the Kube.

This teardrop camper is “designed to go where others can’t, you’ll discover life starts at the end of the road.” To start, the manufacturer assures its clients that every unit assembled and delivered is engineered for off-road fun. Hence, the construction does not include any timber and only uses high-strength materials.

Those listed by Kimberly Kampers include marine-grade stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized steel, top-shelf alloys, and “high molecular weight thermoplastic.” These were carefully selected to provide exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and reliable weather resistance for the Kube.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) equates to pinpoint accuracy as the laser cutters ensure every components fits perfectly. The Kube is not only one tough customer but also promotes sustainability and upscale creature comforts — all desirable features for a motorhome. 

Merlin solar panels harvest clean energy to charge its Bluetooth-enabled lithium batteries. Its slide-out stainless-steel kitchen allows you to cook indoors or outdoors. The Kube can accommodate two adults comfortably with its king-size bed and provides great views with its panoramic windows.

This bad boy tips the scales at 2,447 lbs. and measures 82.6″ x 204.7″ x 70.9″ (HxLxW). Each side has a door for convenience, but the lack of a bathroom might be a dealbreaker if you need to have one. The Kube is outfitted with a heavy-duty suspension system and electronic vented disc brakes for superior stopping power.

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Images courtesy of Kimberly Kampers