In 2021, Kross Studio catered to Batman fans with a $29,900 1989 Batmobile desk clock. It may look like an accessory for your action figures, but it’s a premium timekeeping instrument for serious collectors. In a similar fashion, Tiffany & Co. targets motorsport enthusiasts with the Race Car Clock. At $40,000 this is exclusively for folks with deep pockets.

There are two other versions adorned with more sparkling gemstones. Pricing starts at $215,000 and goes up from there. These are certainly an extravagant way to show off your love of racing. Instead of a modern silhouette, Tiffany & Co. channels that 1950s flair.

Its vintage vehicle vibe will attract nostalgic clients. The American luxury label’s team of artisans craft the Race Car Clock out of aluminum. Each Race Car Clock flaunts a stunning coat of Tiffany Blue automotive paint on the body and stainless-steel spoked wheels shod in black rubber.

At the center of each rim is “a single expertly cut diamond” while the fixed bezel and engraving plate are lined with pavé diamonds. The open-work body shows the gears and components at work, while an aperture at the left flank of the Race Car Clock displays the time.

Instead of a traditional dial and hands, it uses barrels with Arabic numerals. At the front is a radiator-style grille with a monogram logo of Tiffany & Co. Meanwhile, the hood shows a white roundel with the number 5 as a tribute to the brand’s Fifth Avenue flagship store.

It’s more than just an opulent showpiece as there are enough cool interactive features to please motoring enthusiasts. A counterclockwise turn of the three-spoke steering wheel sets the time. To wind the in-house manual movement, just pull back the Race Car Clock on any flat surface.

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Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.