When you are an artist of great renown such as Daniel Arsham, collaborations with other brands are bound to be non-stop. This time, his partnership is with another New York-based group dealing in some of the world’s most sought-after jewelry and a highly successful video game franchise. This is the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon collection.

As odd as this capsule sounds, this is not the first time the trio worked with one another. Arsham previously worked on sculptures featuring various characters from the beloved Nintendo game series. Meanwhile, he also created a limited-edition bracelet and basketball with the American jeweler. Now, we get to finally see all three presented in the most luxurious way possible.

Headlining the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon collection is a pendant of Pikachu rendered in 18k yellow gold. It’s unclear if the chain is part of the package based on the blog post by Tiffany & Co. given it has yet to officially launch all items later this month. According to reports, these will be available online as well as their Landmark store in New York City.

Interested parties in Japan can also grab their favorite designs at the Omotesando store in Tokyo in December. Going back to the rest of the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon collection, it’s also featuring the likenesses of Mew, Charmander, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, and Cubone. Apart from the Pikachu pendant, which also comes with a Tiffany Blue Poké Ball container, the rest are crafted out of oxidized sterling silver.I

These all bear similar aesthetics as in the artist’s “A Ripple in Time” art exhibition last year which is his typical theme of weathered and crumbling sculptures with exposed crystals. In the case of the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon collection, these are replaced by diamonds. There is no doubt the lineup will quickly sell out.

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Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co./Daniel Arsham/Nintendo