s the old saying goes, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Meaning if you want to look good all day in your formal dress, then you need to know how to wear proper tie pins.

Tie pins were almost forgotten in men’s clothing, we’re not sure why. Now, they’re gaining new life as brands begin to revamp this classic accessory. Menswear designers are now coming up with new models to add to the gentlemanly accessories more than ever.

You can add corporate aesthetics with a simple tie pin. The metal tie pin was born out of the idea of keeping ties securely in place. Thus, they are not a merely convenient accessory, but classy wardrobe enhancers.

With basic tie pins, everything stays in place once you slide one on your tie and shirt. If you’re a man that prefers more delicate, thinner neckwear fabric, this will be a perfect fashion accessory for you. Versions of tie pins are numerous.

The tie clip is similar to a cloth peg that holds the tie in place. Though slightly technical because of its spring mechanism, it may be ideal for you if you like to wear bulkier knitted ties. The tie chain is merely a chain that helps to hold things together in a stylish way. Then there’s the tie bar, a stylish yet small and solid bar that goes on your tie.

For those who focus more on fashion than practicality, you will like the tie tack. Think of those tacks you put your posters up with at home for years. Now imagine it has something to catch and hold it in place. This, basically, is the tie tack.

We’ve rounded up some of the types out there. Let’s get down for more details.

How Do You Wear Tie Pins?

This is really a great question! As a man, you must have finally recognized the classic tie pin as one of the most stylish, yet practical pieces of jewelry worn to accessorize formal wear. Your tie pin must be well-positioned precisely even though it is apparent that tie pins are easy to use.

You will see that you will be adding a stylish finish to your formal wear when you wear it correctly. If you’re ready to wear your tie pin like a pro, here are the steps you need to take.

First, let’s get to know the exact position to wear a tie pin. To do that, you first have to remove the tie pin back by drawing the tapered end to release the pin. Just so you know, it is highly essential to position your tie pin in the center of the tie, in the middle, or a little higher on your chest.

Slightly higher on your chest or the midsection, find one of the button holes on your shirt and lock up the back of the tie pin by tugging the tapered edge to clutch the pin.

Where Are Tie Pins Placed?

Now we’re getting to the fun part.  Where you place your tie pin is enough to make your entire look, yet it could also hurt it. It is ideal to place your tie pin between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. That is around the middle to the bottom of your sternum.

A word of caution here, you’re likely to render the functional accessory ineffectual if you clip too high. You can look a bit awkward if you clip too low as well. All the same, having a higher placement can give you a slimming effect while playing safe within a lower placement can create a more classic outcome.

Remember the position of your jacket buttons at the top when you’re clipping your tie pin. You’ll want to be sure you’re not going to go all the way up to where your tie can barely be seen. What the point of wearing any tie pins if they are not visible, right? Also, if you wear a vest, you’ll need to keep it in mind before putting the tie pin on.

We recommend getting fully dressed where your complete look is done. Even your hair is all good to go as well as your teeth brushed! Then place the tie pin on at this moment. You’ll be able to see where your jacket buttons and vest will be seen. You’ll even know how much of your tie can be seen.

This will allow you to place the tie pin in the best area, without putting it in an awkward place.

What Are The Main Types Of Tie Pins?

With many items that have gained popularity over the years, types begin to form. This allows us to see new types of products that are similar to the original. In the case of tie pins, they have been around for an insanely long time. They were originally worn by wealthy British men in the mid to late 1800’s.

Ties were not quite enough for the wealthy men of the nation, as several were able to afford one by this time period. Either that or they could always make their own. It was not as easy to “make” tie pins, especially ones of major quality that used raw materials of major status. The wealthy could, which is why the tie pin phenomena took off.

Due to their upper-class appearance, they began to become something used by well to do people around the world. Eventually, this led to places having an abundance, with several cheaper versions being made too. While there are still some higher priced versions, tie pins are no longer expensive as a rule.

In this time of development, new types would emerge. That leads us to the versions you best know today, so let’s get into those.

Tie tacks:

They are a bit more formal and old-fashioned. Don’t get us wrong, they’re a terrific way to add a little detail to a tie. They’re just not as common as what many men use today if we’re honest. They have to be pretty dynamic to stand out over normal tie pins.

Tie tacks are like medium buttons that are used to pierce the material of the tie. You can fasten them through the back of the tie and the front portion clips in place to have a solo basic jewelry look on the tie. The Tie tacks do not need to have any bars connect them or anything of the sort.

They look and act exactly like the tack on the wall mentioned earlier.

Non-hinged tie pin:

This type of tie pin is also known as a slide clasp. If you like, it can go parallel to a money clip. Non-hinged tie pins are long pieces of metal that are bent in a U-shape. It pushes the two edges closer together. What checks your tie pin is the thickness of your tie’s material.

You may not have enough pressure to hold your tie pin in place in case you’re using an extremely skinny tie. In those cases, tie tacks work just as well.

Hinged tie pin:

It’s absolutely possible to compare hinged tie pin with an alligator’s mouth or a clothes peg. Hinged tie pin comprises two bars that are connected with a spiral method. To open one edge, you only need to pinch it, slide the pin onto your tie and shirt, and then let loose!

You will take a fancy to imbue a bit more pressure for this kind of pins to make them stay in position.

How Long Should A Tie Bar Be?

You may want to ask if a tie bar should go all the way across the width of the tie. Relax, because the rules are quite simple when it comes to proper length of the tie. When you stand in your natural posture, it is essential that the tip of your tie touch your belt or your actual waistline. The ending of the latter is more preferred.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that your tie must be tied in equivalent to your waistline and torso length. In case you’re sporting a square tie, let it pass the top of the waistband or belt.

You must get the ensemble right because certain subtle details are vital to bringing the whole thing together. You will know if your tie is too long when it extends way past the belt or waistline. When it is too short, you will be able to see the tie ends to reveal your shirt fabric and your waistline itself.

Make sure the tip of your tie sits in the midsection of the belt and waistline. You can cap it all with a simple strategy of stepping back and take a quick look in the mirror to check your tie after you’ve tied it.

1) Lystaii 3pcs Tie Bar Clips

0.64 Lbs
3.8 x 2.9 x 0.5 inches

The Lystaii 3pcs Tie Bar Clip is ideal for business professional fashion. It has a value package of 3 tie clips that come in 3 colors: black, gold, and silver. All are suitable for your diverse needs. These tie pins have a high-quality stainless steel material that’s durable and can endure day-to-day wear.

The size of the clips ranges from 2.2” to 0.2” / 5.5cm x 0.6cm. They have sturdy spring that can hold down the ties and prevent them from sliding down, even for thicker material.

You don’t have to worry about damaging any expensive fabric with these tie pins. This is due to their spring tension, which helps prevent it. You just have to look stylish and professional. The springs are critical to things and help to avoid chaos flutter. These tie pins even help to keep the ties clean looking.

Not only is keeping your tie tidy is vital to avert some embarrassing situation, but Lystaii’s tie pins also pose to be a reflection of modern fashion, more taste, and the men’s gentlemen style.

No need to worry about your tie flying off when you bend your knees. These tie pins have both formal and stylish features that give a neat and refreshing feeling, getting rid of any awkward situation. If you want to look charming and mature, you may want to consider wearing this type of tie pin. You’ll certainly look fashionable if nothing else.

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  • Modern and prevents embarrassing situation.
  • Fashionable and stylish.
  • 100% high quality.
  • No storage for each tie pin.
  • Break easily after a while.


2) Geek-M Fashion Necktie Clips Tie

0.8 Lbs
3.8 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches

Geek-M Fashion Necktie Clips are stainless steel and come in simple yet fashionable models. Typically with 2.3” in length and 0.23” in width, they are high-quality and durable.

If you’re looking for simple and elegant tie pins suitable for both formal and casual occasions, Geek-M has you covered. Their elegant necktie accessories clip a tie to your shirt and ensure that it’s secured and hung straight.

Be aware that you may not have the perfect picture of the item due to the differences between different monitors. You may also want to ignore the Amazon shipping time and select the suitable shipping as needed. For those in the United States, it can take up to 15 days for the item ordered to arrive.

Like most Amazon sellers, Geek-M assures customer satisfaction, striving to put their all into resolving any issues.

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  • Great color.
  • Nice design and appearance.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Well packaged.
  • Too long for modern ties.
  • Flawed finishing.


3) GWD Tie Clips

2.4 Lbs
2.1 inches

GWD seem to make some impressive tie pins. We’re big fans of these, and we would not be shocked if you were too. These tie pins come in three pieces as well as black, grey, and silvers tones. They’re designed with copper and have a packaging like those of gift boxes.

The three pieces set of high-quality tie pins are 2.1 inches each. They have an elegant and terrific texture that make them perfect for any guy, regardless of the occasion.

If you desire an excellent gentlemanly style, then GWD’s tie pins will do justice to that. Their product is also good as a gift because of that exquisite gift box packaging we referenced. We have a feeling we have every guy an idea for their father’s birthday or Christmas present this year.

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  • Classy.
  • Strong grip.
  • Good value for money.
  • Clips not completely aligned.


4) Jstyle Tie Clip For Men

1.6 Lbs
4.9 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches

Jstyle has four pieces of regular ties and necktie clips that are suitable for wedding and business styles. Their tie pins of 2.3 inches are classic with a simple design that extends to the length of an average size tie. The tie pins are great for any gentleman who likes variety, as it comes with 4 different colors per set.

These tie pins have a well finished and classic style most men will enjoy. The remarkable thing about Jstyle tie pins is that they are good on both social and business events. What’s more, their sturdy exquisite clasps work well on different types of ties.

Their classic tie clips are designed to never go out of style with graceful design parts that go well with different suits.

They’re built to last, so long as you take care of them by not putting them in compromising positions. These tie pins will work properly on any tie, regardless of thickness too. It just takes properly applying them to accomplish this. They also adhere to standard sizes that are definitely great for common ties.

They crown their super satisfaction with a 90-day money back guarantee. You can also make an exchange if that works best.

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  • Classic and simple design.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Quite expensive.


5) HAWSON Metal Tie Pin

0.8 Lbs
3.7 x 2.7 x 1.5 inches

Ever wanted a classic sailor knot, perfect for all kinds of shirts and necktie? You know, the kind of tie knot that’s great for wedding, business, party, banquet, and daily use? Well, the Hawson Sailor Knot Tie Tack For Men may be all you need.

Their tie pins or tie knots come in different sizes. Their 10mm model comes with a chain and the 52mm model is packaged with a black gift box. Hawson has even worked hard to find perfect colors to match your outfits. They have a gold version that has some darker blue or black within. Along with this is a silver and rose gold model.

It performs the same function as normal tie pins or tie bars, as it’s made to hold the tie close just as they are.

You don’t have to bother about your tie dropping to the ground when bending over or blown by the wind. If you want to look sharp and tasteful, Hawson’s classic and simple sailor knot design adds some real style to your look.

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  • Perfect for occasions.
  • Good choice of gift.
  • Optional colors.
  • May leave a hole in some ties.


6) MeShow Collar Bar Pin Set

0.8 Lbs
4.4 x 2.8 x 1.1 inches

The MeShow classic collar pin is made of brass with a ball-shaped collar pin. The total length of this model is approximately 2.56 inches. Their collar pin sizes range from 2.28 inches to 1.89 inches, and it’s 0.39 in width. The product package includes two pieces of ball-shaped collar pins. Meanwhile, these tie pins come in the colors of gold and silver.

Certain curiosity arises whether MeShow collar pin is a needle or a bar. This is due to the screw on the ball. It’s actually a bit of both if we’re honest.

You may have the challenge of getting shirts with little holes made into the collar that will accommodate the straight bar. This happens sometimes. Even though a spring type of mechanism holds the left and right collar points together, there appear to be no holes on either type of the collar bar.

The collar pin is easy to use when being added to your tie. All you need to do is to insert the two straight collar pins through the holes that have been already manufactured in the collar. Next, screw on the ball at the edge.

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  • Classy design.
  • Subtle and unobtrusive.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Short for some ties.


7) JOVIVI Tie Clips

1.92 Lbs
3 x 3 x 0.8 inches

JOVIVI tie pins and necktie bar are made of stainless steel. They tend to come in a set of 7 to 10 tie pins upon purchase as well. This makes them a perfect for a gift on a wedding, graduation, bachelor party, anniversary, and other occasions.

The package of the tie pins even includes a gift box for a cool presentation. Their package is also ideal for Christmas and Father’s Day.

Their tie clip sizes vary from 2.28 inches to 2.36 inches long with 0.2 in width. The necktie clip is an excellent fashion accessory that you can use to clip your tie to your shirt, ensuring it suspends straight and keeps it protected in position.

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  • Ideal for gift.
  • Excellent price.
  • The designs might be a little loud and intricate for some peoples tastes.


8) Xydstay 10 Pack Tie Keeper

0.64 Lbs
4.7 x 1 x 0.1 inches

The Xydstay 10 Pack Tie Keeper is designed from highly durable plastic with zero curl or warps. This item won’t even break in low temperatures. These affordable tie pins come 10 to a set and keep your tie where it needs to be without fail for hours on end. The Tie Keeper model is a nice alternative to the lapel or loop in the back of ties.

Plus, these tie pins blend in well with most styles and colors that shirts and ties will be in. This is a perfect choice for business and social events alike.

As an ideal accessory, they keep your tie from falling off even if you’re standing or walking. It offers a solution to the issues of tie getting wrinkled or the chains breaking or getting loose during a meeting. The tie holder keeps the tie straight all the time. Even though it is not meant to be visible, it’ll keep things in place well.

It is simple to use by just attaching it to your shirt’s buttons or through the back loop of your tie. Since it comes in different sizes, you can easily draw comfort by putting the tie keeper in a suitable place or location you want.

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  • Works better than a lot of traditional tie pins.
  • Cheaper than a lot of tie pins.
  • Little too tight around buttons.
  • Doesn’t have the style appeal of tie pins.


9) Vellete – 4 Tie Clips & 8 Collar Stays

2.4 Lbs
3.1 x 2.6 x 0.7 inches

The Vellete set is a combination of four tie pins and eight collar stays. They are all in four versatile and classy designs needed. The eight collar stays are made of stainless steel with smooth edges that are hard to rip through your collars.

Four of those collars have sizes of 2.2 inches and 2.5 inches each. For any man that cares about his look, Vellete’s quality and an economical combination make it a perfect gift.

Having absolute attention to details speaks a volume about a man’s look, plus this model is completely affordable. That’s why Vellete ensures that each item they produce goes through rigorous quality control. It obviously must meet the highest in industry standards.

Their collars are designed with 201 stainless steel for strength and durability.

Not only that, the item goes through a heavy polishing system to guarantee smooth edges that won’t rip through shirts. Their tie pins are made of sturdy brass for longevity. The tie clips also feature a spring clasp closure that doesn’t slide off the ties.

Talking about the latest trending styles, they also put a lot of time into the design process to make sure it meets industry standards.

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  • Cheap.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with collar support.
  • Great quality for the price.
  • Clips may not be that secure for some people.


10) HAWSON Men’s Crystal Tie Tack

0.8 Lbs
3.7 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches

Hawson’s Men’s Crystal Tie Tack was created with copper and plated in gold and white crystal. It comes in different sizes such as 7mm for the crystal and 52mm for the chain. All coming with a black gift box as a package. Their tack tie button perfectly pins the tie. It’s so tiny it won’t cover the color of your necktie, yet it holds the tie firmly.

In case you’re bored with tie pins, you can easily switch to their tie tack that can adapt to any kind of occasion.

If you dread your tie from flowing around, you can try their tie tack with the chain to keep your necktie close to your shirt. Now it is easy to create a luxury look with their gold plated base tie tack, along with colorful zircon. While the little tie tack won’t cover the color of your tie, it will also attach gloss to your look and make it tasteful and elegant.

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  • Very elegant design.
  • Unique structure.
  • Very strong.
  • Frozen clasp.
  • Some people found the pin bends quite easily.