Danner’s Bull Run Lux Boots are for everyday wear, and that’s saying something about a leather footwear commonly associated with the outback or used as work boots. Danner specifically designed this pair to be soft and flexible while maintaining a rugged silhouette, so it not only looks good but also feels good. 

These are strong boots crafted from high-quality, naturally milled nubuck leather (supple hand feel of suede but durability that of leather) so it feels good on the soles from the get-go. It offers long-lasting comfort although it may not seem so at a glance. That’s because it emulates a classic work boot on the outside.

Danner’s Bull Run Lux Boots has a 6-inch over-the-ankle shaft, a slip-resistant rubber wedge sole, and features a moc-toe or moccasin toe style with its U-shaped stitching across the upper. Beyond the classic design, it comes upgraded with modern comforts. The fit has been re-engineered to flow with the anatomy of the foot and give space for a soft and sturdy footbed. This way, it caters to both comfort and support. It’s like wearing a pair of soft and fluffy bedroom slippers with these boots on.

Meanwhile, craftsmanship is found in unseen details, like shaving down leather panels before they are stitched and working the creases of the upper for a more secure fit. Danner has abide by these standards since its first boot in 1932 and these standards are what makes the Danner Bull Rux Lux Boots, or other designs for that matter, built to last.

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Images courtesy of Danner