There’s no shortage of awesome EDC gadgets available that can be quite useful in certain situations. It can range from multi-tools, pens, flashlights, and so much more. There’s no limit to how many you want to bring along as you have a good way to organize everything. Most of these items normally can be attached to your keychain for convenience. Meanwhile, there are those who prefer to use a carabiner to hold all of their EDCs together. No matter what you opt to use, the Ti2 Design STRATO-Biner is a stylish product that will organize all of your tools.

The name of this EDC carabiner originates from the word “stratum” which roughly means layers on top of another.” Designed by Mike Bond, he reveals that the inspiration for the STRATO-Biner comes from his love of knives. Specifically, the ones that feature a liner lock that holds the blades in place.

There will be two variants available that will feature different metals for the core. The first one uses grade-5 6Al4V titanium alloy for its lightweight characteristics and durability. Meanwhile, the second model is made from 17-4 heat-treated tool-grade stainless steel. Additionally, the stainless steel version features a pry bar and extra jimping around the key ring hole.

To make the Ti2 Design STRATO-Biner even more attractive, buyers can choose what type of metal they want for the scales. After selecting the core type, you can pair it with titanium, brass, copper, or zirconium. Another cool component is the asymmetrical gate, which also uses grade-5 6Al4V titanium alloy. The ambidextrous design makes it easy to operate using your left or right hand.

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Images courtesy of Ti2 Design