Ti Arto Pen 7

Back in 2012, BIGiDESIGN introduced the world’s first solid Titanium pen, compatible with 30+ different refills. Now, the pen wizards are back with what might be the last writing tool you’ll ever need. Enter Ti Arto ($65) – a durable, stylish pen that can fit pretty much any refill you can think of – over 200 different makes – “without even a smidgen of tip-wiggle.”

Made of grade 5 Titanium alloy – with an uncoated raw finish for a look that’ll stay the same over the years – the pen boasts a knurled grip for easy writing, and comes with a screw-on cap with a pocket clip (that can easily be readjusted in case it gets loose). Good looking, long lasting, and compatible with so many refills, the Ti Arto has all the right ingredients to become the one-pen-to-rule-them-all, making our lives easier and putting an end to cluttered desks.

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